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Bark at the Ghouls 5 years ago
Such a helpful post Jenn & Booklikes! Thank you for putting these together.
Murder by Death 5 years ago
Thanks Barks! :)
What Is Anna Reading 5 years ago
Jenn - BookLikes,

Thank you for showcasing an informative guide for how to book search tips! I am new to BookLikes and appreciate knowing how to utilize the book database.


Hello Anna, welcome to Booklikes!

And Jenn, I've said this before, but if it weren't for you this would be a completely different place ... with half as many happy people at best. Great post, even if I'm piping up belatedly!
Murder by Death 5 years ago
@Anna: You are very welcome! And welcome to BookLikes! Please let us know if there's anything we can help you with - this is a great community and everyone is always happy to help if they can. :)

@TA: You make me blush! We all make this place the heaven it is, although I admit I'm probably its biggest cheerleader (to the point of being a pollyanna at times, lol). But what would I do without this place with all of you in it? God forbid! My TBR piles would ... SHRINK! The Horror!
Here's to ever-expanding TBRs ... (and to the Mystery of the Last Big Book Bequest. We should really write that thing.)
Murder by Death 5 years ago
Ha! Yes, we definitely should! :D

"The ultimate revenge plot and a race against time... who will die first?" ;-)
I can see the book cover now. 70s / 80s style, with glaring blurb!