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BrokenTune 1 year ago
Love it! Great post, Char. :D

The way your McDowells frame the copy of Boy's Life on your shelf made me smile.

I have Blackwater, but haven't started this, yet. So I'm looking forward to meeting Mary Love.
BT, O.M.G. I'm just finishing my audio re-read of Blackwater and I'm so overwhelmed by feelings. ALL THE FEELS!
It's even greater than I remember. It's a saga and I feel as if I've lived with the Caskeys over the last two weeks. (The audio is 30 hours!). Now, I am SO VERY SAD to leave them.
The narrator is from Alabama and he has brought these characters to vivid life.

I cannot wait for you to read it, so we can talk! :)
BrokenTune 1 year ago
Ok that is exciting!

Maybe this is the book that I NEED to take on that 15h flight next week?
But I'm also conflicted because I won't actually have that much time to read over the next few weeks while I am away. Decisions, decisions.
That's a tough decision! It's 30 hrs long, I believe.
What a great interview -- topped by a suitably creepy version of the #FollowFriday meme!
I love the skeleton too! :)
Jennifer's Books 1 year ago
Char being the FF interview the week before Halloween seems very fitting. :D

Great interview, Char! Love your shelfies and your reading spots!
Thanks a lot, Jennifer! :)
Bark at the Ghouls 1 year ago
I loved reading this! Don't feel to bad about that tbr promise. I've only read 2 from mine this year!
Haha! I didn't think anyone could have read less than me for that challenge.
Linda Hilton 1 year ago
Terrific interview. It's always great to read ABOUT the people behind the blogs and books!
Aww, thanks Linda. :)
Love this interview. reading the books you have already is so hard when there are new ones screaming at you to pick them up first :D Yup the struggle is real
LMAO! It IS real! I know you understand.
Murder by Death 1 year ago
Interviewing anyone else the week before Halloween would have been wrong - great interview Char, it's always great to learn more about BL friends, finding out why they like what they like, voyering their book shlelves... :)
Thanks a lot, MbD! I was honored to be asked.
Midu Reads 1 year ago
Hi Char, awesome interview :D
Hi Midu! Thanks!
Love this interview Char! :D
Aww, thanks Claire! It was a lot of fun. :)
Awesome interview, Char! The uncut version of The Stand is one of my all time favorites as well :) So cool you got to meet Joe Hill! I actually haven't read any of his books yet, but I hear great things about them. Do you have a favorite of his that you could recommend starting with?
Hello and thank you!

I really loved NOS4A2. There are a few references to his father's work in it, which I thought was pretty cool. His collection of short stories 20th Century Ghosts is also excellent. :)