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Linda Hilton 1 year ago
Oh. My. Goodness.

I was delighted to see another BL Blogger I know be featured! Whoo hoo! I love these.

@BookLikes -- These are wonderful!

But oh my goodness, Donna, you just made my day, and probably my week, and maybe even my month!

This is great! Nice to learn more about you, Donna!
Char, it has been great to get to know you too. Booklikes has helped to connect me to some really great people.
Wow. That's one crammed shelf! And I have Anne Cleeves's "Raven Black" on my TBR, too.

I can't even begin to imagine what it must have been like growing up without "real" books ... and then at last to find a book-loving husband. What a happy ending!
Oh yes, it is crammed. Those books you can see are in front of even more! That is my paperback shelf mostly and the shelves have two rows except for the bigger shelf that has 4 rows. Believe it or not they are mostly in alphabetical order and those are all books I haven´t read (except for V). I have more books I haven´t read and another shelf for books I keep. I couldn´t get pictures of my other shelves because they were just too messy or surrounded by stuff.
BrokenTune 1 year ago
Wow. Those shelves are lovely - and I love the overflow stack, too.

And, wow, I can't imagine what it must be like to grow up with not being allowed to read everything you're curious about. I mean, wow. It does make me realise how much I take for granted that people who want to read can just pick up a book at anytime, and the kids especially are usually encouraged to explore the wider world around them through different books.

So, just wow.

I am so glad you found Booklikes and are able to share your bookish love with us.


@BookLikes: Seriously, guys, these Friday features are awesome. Keep them coming
You know, when I dropped out of that school and went to the public correspondence office to finish and get my diploma I found out the school had marked me as a reluctant reader. I had to take a course designed for that and it was so simple. It started out at a really low level and worked up. I did the whole course in a few days. The school didn´t realize that it wasn´t that I was a reluctant reader but that I didn´t have anything to read. That school is why I didn´t have books or allowed to go to the library. The told my parents they had all the books I would need.

On the flip side, I read to my boys when they were babies and they loved their bedtime stories growing up. We made regular trips to the library and were encouraged to read. I always got them books they wanted and they got books for Christmas and birthday presents. The BS did not continue.
Murder by Death 1 year ago
First, it's great to learn more about you - I knew you told hilarious stories about tragic events, and that you were very good at creatively improvising festive tasks, but I had no idea you lived in Alaska. I am eternally fascinated by Alaska.

Second, I, like everyone else, can't believe the slim pickings you had for reading as a kid. I thought my mother was religious, but now I know: she's a total lightweight. Without books I'd have been a teen psychopath. It's so great that you grew up and embraced reading. And even better that your husband loves reading too. :D

My best friend was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis when she was a teen (late 80's). It's been really rough over the years, but she's defying original expectations, so she's winning. She was fortunate she moved to Europe and had access to a treatment that was (at the time) unavailable in the US, and stopped further damage.

I love seeing an overflowing bookshelf - that's the bookshelf of a real reader. :D

BookLikes, I'm with everyone else: keep these coming! They are the highlight of the week.

I love Alaska. It is a beautiful place and full of so many good people. I grew up here but now my family has all left and I just can´t bring myself to leave. My husband´s family is gone too except for his brother. I just can´t imagine living anywhere else.

You know, after my mom died and I went back to Georgia for her funeral I found out that she had a closet full of books. I was so shocked when someone asked me if I wanted to take any of her books. They were all really sappy romance novels so no but I was floored. I had no idea she liked to read and never saw her reading anything other than the bible or a newspaper. I wish I had known that and would have loved to talk to her about books.
Murder by Death 1 year ago
Oh, that just breaks my heart; both that she felt like she couldn't share her love of reading and had to hide it, and that you missed out on all those conversations about books. My mom and I clash a lot, but we always love to talk about books.

I'm not a crier at all, but I think I'd have stood in front of that closet and bawled. I'm sorry.
I´m not a crier either but because of the circumstance for my being there the tears came easier. I am pretty sure I used my lifetime´s supply of tears while I was there. There were other people there that were trying to be helpful and of course they didn´t understand why those books made me cry. My sister was quick though and drug them away before they could say much. I was left in the guest room alone just staring at this closet stacked with books from floor up about 4.5 feet and about half the width of the closet. My mom´s youngest sister told me she was always reading when shew as a kid. This made me think maybe it was my dad that prevented my mom from reading around us. I wouldn´t be surprised.
Jennifer's Books 1 year ago
What a wonderfully crowded bookshelf!

I agree with what everyone else said about your childhood. I can't imagine not being allowed access to books.
Thank you, I love that shelf too. And yes, I feel so robbed.... and angry.
Rachel's books 1 year ago
Love the bookcase! Enjoyed reading about you too!
Thank you Rachel. I love your avatar picture. That´s a great eclipse picture. We weren´t able to see it here in Alaska.
Midu Reads 1 year ago
Love the bookshelf :D
Nice to meet you, Donna! Wow, what a story. I can't even imagine being so restricted for so many years. What a magical experience that must have been to have read and so fully appreciated your first chosen book. Btw I love crocheting as well! I really wish it was easier for me to listen to audiobooks because then, like you, I'd have the best of both worlds!
Oh I love that quote, too! I'm sorry about the chronic pain stuff. I can relate to that. I can't imagine a childhood like that :( I have a religious family as well, but it didn't get to the point of banning books. I don't know what to say without it being awkward. I wish you many fun filled years full of reading!