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Hello Leigha, it's nice to meet you!
Thanks for doing this! As an update, I'm sad to report that I ended up DNFing The Night Circus at least for now. It sadly started to get boring :( My mood might have just changed.
@Themis-Athena's Garden of Books Hello! Nice to meet you as well.
Portable Mistletoe 1 year ago
Hi Leigha! You have such an inspiring story of learning to read. Others might have just given up - some of my family have had learning challenges and they don't read for pleasure at all. And - obviously! - your favorite book quote is one of mine as well.
Thank you! It was really hard and I was really determined to be able to read. I have/had dyslexia. It's pretty much not a problem for me now, but I still have some mix ups every now and again with my writing, and sometimes focusing can be hard. When I was younger, I just couldn't read at all, but we worked with some programs in the school and my mom read to us all the time; I'm not sure how, but things just started to click. I read 24/7, even during class, but the teachers pretended not to notice. Ha ha I can't understand how one doesn't like to read for pleasure. It's so fun!
Portable Mistletoe 1 year ago
Your mother sounds like a wonderful person - how lucky you were to have such support and resources available to you. But I admire the determination and persistence you must have shown as well.
Thanks for doing this Kate. It is so awesome. Today has been a real good day so far! I won 4 books in 2 different giveaways and then this. The bookish world smiles on me.
BookLikes 1 year ago
Thank you, Leigha! It's great to have you on BookLikes! Have a wonderful reading time. Enjoy!
Hello, Leigha! It's so nice to meet you! Your stacks of books on shelves that are sagging look VERY familiar to me. :)
I worry a bit about the sagging. Haha Nice to meet you, too!
Rachel's books 1 year ago
Love the shelfies! (And it's nice to meet you too!)
Thank you!
Murder by Death 1 year ago
Nice to meet you Leigha! Great interview and I'll definitely be showing my BF the part about the challenges you had learning to read; her daughter has dyslexia and hates to read. Your story shows there's hope yet! :)

I love shelfie pics - and your TBR is what I'm afraid mine would look like if I stacked all the stacks together. :P
Thank you very much! I wish her daughter well. Have you tried audio books, or maybe comics, anything to give her the reading bug? I know with dyslexia, it can be harder, but there is hope. My cousin had dyslexia, too and has become a big reader as well.
Jennifer's Books 1 year ago
Ahhhh! I love your shelfies! :D

It's lovely to meet you, Leigha!
Thank you! Nice to meet you as well.
Your book shelves are crammed like mine! I love to see crammed shelves like that. I love the dolls and other things you've added too. I have little things around mine too. No bookends though because who has room for those? Nice to meet you btw. I'll have to check out your youtube channel. I saw the animorphs book and remembered when my younger son got one of those. He got so scared by something he read in one of those and woke up screaming. I don't remember which one it was but I had to put that one away for a while.
Midu Reads 1 year ago
Whoa! Those are some bookshelves :D