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BrokenTune 1 year ago
Yay! I've been looking forward to seeing who'd be featured today. I look forward to these every Friday. There features are great.


"I stand in front of the stacks and wait for a book to speak to me. " - Yup. I know what you mean. Sometimes it is a bit as if the book chooses you!

Also, nice feature of 'Lito on the rug. :)
How come the stacks next to the fireplace in your library haven't been tumbled by your fluffy* house mates? (*Cats. Again. ;P )
Murder by Death 1 year ago
That pic with 'lito in it was TOTAL serendipity! I hit 'review' and was all, YES! Perfect! :D

And I have no idea why they haven't toppled those piles yet - normally they try to climb all over everything, but I think even they recognise the instability of the books. :P
Rane Aria 1 year ago
LOL! A London Bus TBR pile!
Murder by Death 1 year ago
1 year ago
The person that led me to Booklikes! I followed you here after following you on GR - not in a creepy way. LOL I just loved your reviews. Great blogger, great person, and great interview! :)
Murder by Death 1 year ago
Aww... I don't think I knew that. I'm so glad you followed me here and that you stayed! I love reading your posts and your reviews. :)
Wow! I just loved this Follow Friday!

1. Do you ever get paralyzed by the overwhelming choices when staring at your TBR pile waiting for something to speak to you? For me this often ends with me standing/sitting there for hours, opening books, putting them back, maybe rearranging for a while or dusting. (Maybe even smelling them?)
2. I absolutely adore and am jealous of your library/garden. That has to be the most comfy set up I've ever seen.
3. They make outdoor/wicker-looking recliners???
Murder by Death 1 year ago
1. Yes! I catch myself thinking "I have nothing to read...", which thought barely forms before I'm thinking "seriously?!"...

2. Aw, thanks! I'm still not sure how this house and garden happened... I swear there was never any plan; I just started randomly planting things I thought were exotic sounding (i.e. anything that isn't citrus) and painting walls with colours that 'sounded fun'. We've been incredulous and thrilled with how it all turned out. :)

3. YES! And honestly, I cannot recommend them highly enough! MT surprised me with that chair one year for my birthday; I said I refused to buy outdoor furniture because it was all so uncomfortable to sit in. He found that chair and it's HEAVEN. A couple of years ago I bought him a matching one for xmas and now we are out there whenever it's even sort of nice out. :)
Thanks for responding! I need to find one of those chairs. :)
Murder by Death 1 year ago

I suspect they'll be pretty easy to find in the US (everything is! lol). This one kinda looks like it's even nicer than mine. :D
I didn't even think to check on Amazon! Thank you!
All I'll say to those shelfies is, don't ever talk to me of shelf envy again ... :D

Love the glimpses of your library, TBR and reading spot. AND the Conan Doyle posters! And is Carlito looking like he's thinking, "Do I really want to go out there? Nah -- it's too comfy right where I am ..."

Btw, I think I recognize that cat treat jar ... I hope 'Lito is fine with it, too!
Murder by Death 1 year ago
No, no - yours go all the way up - you can see I've had to start precariously piling mine up on top of my shelves, where one day they're going to teach me a very painful lesson in physics and gravity. So my shelf envy remains! ;)

Thanks - and yes, 'lito DOES like the cat treat tower. He won't use it if he thinks anyone is watching him, but we've heard him -and his big fat paws fit beautifully! :)
Murder by Death 1 year ago
BTW... only one of those prints is Conan Doyle - the other one is Jane Austen. :D
Obsidian Blue 1 year ago
Great interview!
Murder by Death 1 year ago
Thanks! :)
Your pictures are so lovely! If I measured my unread books, they would be as tall as a skyscraper! No joke... ha ha. I don't have a problem either, I can very easily buy books. Thanks. :D My husband might think otherwise.
Murder by Death 1 year ago

I was a little apprehensive when my husband found my list of measurements and decided he was going to add them up... luckily he didn't have any comments or, actually, seem all that surprised, lol.
I love this and your pictures! Really glad to see you featured here, been following for a long time :)
Murder by Death 1 year ago
Thanks Category is! :)
Murder by Death 1 year ago
Thank you. :)
Midu Reads 1 year ago
The answer will always be Sherlock Holmes
Murder by Death 1 year ago
Always. ;-)
You have your own poster! lol. I'll never get tired of looking at your shelves and your reading spots; such envy. Awesome to see someone who contributes so much to the community get a shout-out :)
Murder by Death 1 year ago
:D If you are ever in the mood for pure silliness, definitely check out that movie! It's an all star cast too: Truman Capote, Alec Guiness, Maggie Smith ... I don't think there's a single cast member that wasn't incredibly famous.

And thanks Whiskey; you know I'm crazy attached to this place and everyone in it. :D And I'll remember all these lovely comments about my library the next time I'm in there looking at all the stacks and thinking wtf?! ;-)
Murder by Death 1 year ago
Kate and Booklikes: Thanks so much for inviting me to participate - I had a great time with it! :D
Jennifer's Books 1 year ago
It's great to see you featured here. :D I love your garden, and your library, and your piles of TBR books! :D
Murder by Death 1 year ago
Thanks Jennifer! :D
Love the post !
Rachel's books 1 year ago
I did a little happy dance when I saw who was the Friday feature:-) Love, love, love how many books you have!
Murder by Death 1 year ago
You just made my day - thank you Rachel! And next time someone looks at all my books and tells me I'm crazy, I'll remember everyone here and think at least I'm not the only crazy one. :D
Books Over TV 1 year ago
Great interview and awesome library! Thank you for all that you contribute to the Booklikes community.
Murder by Death 1 year ago
Thanks - I love being here and want to do my part to make it a solid platform for others. :)
So glad to have met you here on BL and its wonderful to see your reading environment. Be careful of those book piles! ;)
Murder by Death 1 year ago
I try to keep them stacked at non-threatening heights. :D

It's been wonderful to meet you on here too; I've enjoyed reading your reviews and have found quite a few of the books in those piles based on your reviews. :)
Oh dear! Contributing to the corruption of a friend--is that a punishable offense?
Murder by Death 1 year ago
Only in illiterate states. :D
Bark at the Ghouls 1 year ago
Your outdoor reading spot looks like heaven to me! I would never leave it :)
Murder by Death 1 year ago
Thanks! I've been known to linger out there after it's begun to rain, lol. 'Spitting', really. I do eventually come in when it looks like actual raindrops might fall on the book. :D