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Hello BT! :) *waves*
BrokenTune 7 months ago
*waves back* Hello. :D
Wanda's Book Reviews 7 months ago
Nice to see you here!!
BrokenTune 7 months ago
*waves* Hi Wanda.
Char's Horror Corner 7 months ago
Hi, BT!! I love seeing your shelves and stacks!
And thank you for the shout out! I'm so pleased to have turned someone on to Michael McDowell. :)
BrokenTune 7 months ago
Hi Char! *waves* Of course I had to mention you and McDowell when that question came up. I still can't believe that I will now actually consider "horror" novels.
Obsidian Black Plague 7 months ago
BT good interview!
BrokenTune 7 months ago
Thanks, OB! :)
Murder by Death 7 months ago
BT!! **waves** You shocked me and then made me laugh out loud on the desert island question: shocked when I say Ayn Rand (b/c you've never mentioned her books) and then LOL when I saw why.

(Am I the only one that would totally cheat and choose 'complete works' omnibuses for a desert island?)

I never liked Heidi either. :D
BrokenTune 7 months ago
MbD! Hello! *returns wave action* You know what, I thought about complete works compilations, but Ayn Rand's book have the added benefit that if they are as bad as I hear they are, then I would have no qualms to rip out pages and use them for other things that may be useful on a desert island. Ever so pragmatic, I know. ;)
MUCH better thinking than taking a survival guide! :D
BrokenTune 7 months ago
I know, right? And Rand's books tend to be 1000+ pages to Grylls' 300 something. It's such an easy choice.
Hah. :)
Murder by Death 7 months ago
Fire starter!! (Or less prosaic uses, like, um, loo paper.) And from what little I've ever heard about Ayn Rand herself, she'd probably even approve.
Jennifer's BOOooOOOks 7 months ago
*waves* Hey BT!! :D Great interview and I love the shelfies!
BrokenTune 7 months ago
*waves back* Hi Jennifer. Thanks. I have another set of shelves but they are in a state of ... erm ... I'm going to call it "disarray". So, didn't manage to take pictures of them.
Midu Reads 7 months ago
Hey stranger! :D
BrokenTune 7 months ago
Hey Midu! *waves*
Elentarri's Book Blog 7 months ago
Hi. Do you play the violin (?) or is it just decoration?
BrokenTune 7 months ago
LoL. It's a ukulele, but I fiddle with it. I can't play any instrument in any way properly enough to call it "play" (and I certainly can't remember songs etc.) but I find it soothing to add some chords together - either on the uke or the guitar...
Lillelara 7 months ago
Hi, BT! Nice to meet you :D. And you are right, Michael McDowells books are awesome.
BrokenTune 7 months ago
One of the best finds ever. Have you read the Blackwater book, yet? I have it, but haven't started it yet.
Books, artwork, records, and an ukulele! Love :) Great shelves and enjoyed getting to know you a little better
BrokenTune 7 months ago
There is some gin there to round things off, too. ;)
Rane Aria 7 months ago
Great Review BT!
Great thinking on the desert island, a nice brick of a book to keep one company. I go for War and Peace -nice combo of a book, chair, bed/pillow...
BrokenTune 7 months ago
True! But could you bring yourself to rip out pages to use to start a fire? :)
My Never Ending List 7 months ago
Hi! Nice to meet you. I really liked this: " Reading is important to me because I love exploring – whether it is new places, new ideas, cultures, different times, ... whatever the topic I will find something that catches my interest. Books are a fabulous way to explore the world within and around us. This is so true and you said it perfectly.
BrokenTune 7 months ago
Hello. :D Thanks. There just are so many things to discover and adventures to have - and all from the comfort of your favourite reading spot.
Rachel's books 7 months ago
Nice shelves!
BrokenTune 7 months ago
Thank you. :D
Carissa Green Reads 7 months ago
Great Feature!
BrokenTune 7 months ago