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BrokenTune 5 months ago
Great interview! I love your blog name. When I first read it, I hoped it would be a reference to Vonnegut. :)
Hi Ella -- it's great to learn more about you ... and I'm very glad you found Booklikes!

An up-a-tree reading nook ... what a truly wonderful childhood experience!!
"So it goes." 5 months ago
Thanks, friends. Shelfies finally sent. I'm terrifically disorganized this week. I just realized I haven't eaten more than protein shakes since Tuesday, so I'm going to chill out, order pizza and read your blogs tonight!
Have a wonderful pizza night!
BrokenTune 5 months ago
Pizza sounds lovely! I hope you enjoy your chilled out evening. :)
Murder by Death 5 months ago
Hi So it Goes! I'm so glad you got interviewed and we got to learn more about you. :) I think we might have shared the same childhood, lol (the trees and the books - not the spying).

re: not knowing how to review - Your reviews are wonderful; if you ask me, you're doing it right! I love reading about the books you've read.

Would you say David Foster Wallace's non-fiction tone is at all similar to Hornby's? I've never read
Wallace, but I love Hornby's non-fiction too (I have the books that are compiled in 10 years in the Tub, and I think I might have 5 starred almost all of them).

Those covers are gorgeous - I have no intention of reading Master and Margherita, but I'm not sure I'd be able to pass up that edition, it's stunning.

Can't WAIT to see the shelfies. :)
"So it goes." 5 months ago
Hello MBD. Thanks for your nice remarks about my reviews. That makes me feel better. Wallace makes references to more obscure things than Hornby, and he footnotes a lot (but the footnotes are often as funny or funnier than the writing.) He's like Hornby with one exception - that being when he wrote about books, writing & MFA programs (he hated them and the books they produced.) Subjects are different, but yes, he is along the lines of Hornby - well-read, knows what he's talking about and funny. I nearly wet my pants reading that book I suggested. His nonfiction is great. His fiction is a whole different ballpark. Seems either you hate it or love it.
Murder by Death 5 months ago
I'll probably avoid his fiction, much the same as I avoid Hornby's, but I'm definitely going to check out the non-fiction you mentioned above. "I nearly wet my pants reading that book" is the best recommendation for me (NOT that I'm looking for excuses for incontinence, just for laughing). :D
BookLikes 5 months ago
The shelfies are finally here! :) Curious? ;)
Ooooh -- I love that first one! (Is that sitting on a cupboard bottom -- or on top of a desk?) And soooo many boxes!!
"So it goes." 5 months ago
The first one is a dining room hutch - which is supposed to (and years ago did) hold displays of fancy china etc. Those things live in cupboards or have been given away. My books are way more important than china, and they needed the space. The only person who ever cared was my mother. That's the first part of the alphabet of "keepers". The rest is in the weirdly angled picture.
A dining room hutch -- yes! It almost looked like one (my aunt and uncle have got one that actually looks a bit similar ... except they do use theirs to display china :D), but with all the books and the bottom not shown, I wasn't sure (and I couldn't for the life of me remember the word). Books are *such* a better use to put it to, of course!

Is that a Library of America volume in the top row? Which one?
Murder by Death 5 months ago
My mom has a china hutch.... hmmm...
BrokenTune 5 months ago
I love the shelfies! So.Many.Lovely.Stacks.
Murder by Death 5 months ago
Ooohhh.. boxes... what is it about boxes of books? It's like crack to me - I can't walk past one without wanting to open it and dig through it.

Great shelfies - not nearly as messy as you made it sound in your earlier comment - these are all neat and organised! :D
Jennifer's Books 5 months ago
Ooooh, me too! There is something so appealing about boxes of books!
Jennifer's Books 5 months ago
Nice to meet you Ella! I love the shelfies!
"So it goes." 5 months ago
Heh - well there is a whole room of JUST boxes, not open, not organized - all stuffed & waiting to be cataloged. They've poured over into the corner of my bedroom. But I'm determined to get through the ones in the boxes and I need to build/create shelf space for poetry. Poetry is lovely to have around, but it does take up space!
And it's great meeting all of you guys again. I feel a bit like a celebrity ;)
Murder by Death 5 months ago
A. room. of. boxes. If you'd said they were full of anything else, I'd run in the opposite direction, but tell me they're full of books and I have the urge to offer my assistance. Weird. ;)
Char's Horror Corner 5 months ago
Nice to meet you, Ella! Love your shelfies!
Rachel's books 5 months ago
Nice to meet you! Love the shelfies! You can never have too many books!
Midu Reads 5 months ago
Hi Ella! :-)