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I've got a list of twenty books to review, but I can only take adding in a couple books at a time. I don't like reviewing out of order, so I guess I'll wait for The UK Amazon doesn't have a lot of my single comic book issues, so it's unhelpful for those.
BookLikes 10 months ago
So sorry. If the book is not in the database you can still add a new edition by using the "add a new book" form, and then shelve and review it.
Except it's way more time consuming. I can't really do that, and get my grad school work done. So, I will wait until at least summer break.
XOX 10 months ago
Just tried it with Love, Simon movie tie-in. The cover of the book has to be added manually. Any tip on adding the cover automatically as well?
As far as I know, that no longer works, although it once did.
BookLikes 10 months ago
Unfortunately, the book cover need to be added manually.