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Char's Horror Corner 5 months ago
It's nice to learn more about you, Komet!
Murder by Death 5 months ago
Hi Komet! Nice to meet you. :)
"So it goes." 5 months ago
Oh - how nice to hear about your experience with A Man Called Ove - my book club is doing that soon, and I have a similar pre-read feeling. And meeting Gore Vidal - so cool! (I love his essays. Will have to check out that series.) Great shelfies!
Hello Komet, it's nice to learn more about you! I've enjoyed your reviews for quite a while -- I especially appreciate that you always try to put the book being reviewed into context, be it historically, or in terms of the author, or whatever else.
Jennifer's Books 5 months ago
Nice to meet you, Komet! I love your shelfies!
Rachel's books 5 months ago
Nice to "meet" you! Lovely shelfies!
Midu Reads 5 months ago
Hey! *waves*
BrokenTune 5 months ago
I love your shelves. Also, le Carre would be so interesting to meet. Slightly intimidating perhaps. What would you talk about?