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Hello Brenna, it's nice to find out more about you! And a copy of "Dead Man Walking" on your "signed by the author" shelf -- oh, wow ... :)
Char's Horror Corner 9 months ago
It's nice to learn more about you, Brenna!
Obsession with words 9 months ago
Hi Brenna, it is so nice to see you chosen for this and learn more about the books you like. I wish I could get to the library as often as you do. I´m usually stuck in my house because of my health so I only read from the digital library. I really need to catch up on some of the other FF blogs I´ve missed.
Brenna M's Book Blog 9 months ago
Is there a mobile library that would come around for you?
Obsession with words 9 months ago
There is a mobile library service but they go to areas outside of town where there isn´t a local library. I live in town and I´m not that far from the library but it is just hard for me to get out most days. I had to go to the doctor on Tuesday and stopped at a couple stores briefly and just that was enough to put me down for a couple days. I couldn´t get out of bed at all Wednesday and Thursday I was still achy and tired. I mostly get books through the mail and swap with I definitely have enough books but I just miss browsing those library shelves.
Murder by Death 9 months ago
Hi Brenna -nice to learn more about you. :)
Brenna M's Book Blog 9 months ago
I understand. I have to push myself somedays. I have a bad back. thankfully I can still drive short distances

Brenna M's Book Blog 9 months ago
Thanks everyone, it's great to meet more people.
Jennifer's Books 9 months ago
Hi Brenna! Nice to meet you! :D I love the pictures.

I feel the same about used books.