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Char's Horror Corner 9 months ago
It's nice to "meet" you!
pareidolia 9 months ago
Thank you, Char.
Jennifer's Books 9 months ago
Nice to meet you! I love your shelfies! :D
pareidolia 9 months ago
Thank you, Jennifer.
Murder by Death 9 months ago
Repetitive, but: nice to meet you! :) I love these Friday Follows; it gives us a chance to get to know a little bit about BL'ers. I too am a fan of vintage paperbacks (mysteries) and prefer to find the vintage copies over buying brand new, if I can.

Great shelfies - I don't think I've met anyone until now that sorts by color and it looks awesome!
pareidolia 9 months ago
Thanks, Murder by Death. Yes, vintage paperbacks have more personality ;)
I re-organized my shelves just recently. They're still somewhat chaotic, but not as chaotic as they used to be.
"giving my empathy-muscle some work-out" -- oh, I love that description. And I'm right there with you when it comes to reading in the original.

Nice to learn a bit more about you, Juniper!

pareidolia 9 months ago
Thanks for your kind words.
Yeah, so many things can be lost in translation - although I value translators' efforts and have read some really good ones. In rare cases, the translation even works better for me (Philip K. Dick for example).
Really? Oh, wow, interesting. And you're right, of course -- good translators are incredibly important, just *because* translation is always interpretation.
Midu Reads 9 months ago
Hi Juniper *waves*!
pareidolia 9 months ago
Hello Midu, thanks for the welcome.
Rachel's books 9 months ago
Very nice to "meet" you!
pareidolia 9 months ago
Thank you, Rachel.