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Kat's Books 8 months ago
Ahhh, all the bookcases!!!

I’m glad your surgery went well!!
Yes they are mostly in every room except the bathroom, I would have them there but the humidity would not be Yes surgery went well, had a few hiccups but doing ok, thank you.
Hello Kathleen -- historical fiction lover here, too! :) And a lover of both hot chocolate and iced tea ...
Yes a good cup of coffee or hot chocolate or tea is a must when reading. Summer it has to be something iced!
Char's Horror Corner 8 months ago
Hi Kathleen! It's nice to meet you and I enjoyed looking at all your shelfies!
Hello, nice to meet you too!
"So it goes." 8 months ago
Nice to "meet" you, Kathleen. I'm sorta Irish (kinda - at least my last name and some of my family.) I too love a good psychological thriller and I recently had to admit to myself that I read far too much historical fiction not to love it. I think I'll come peruse your shelves!
Nice to meet you too! I have been on a psychological thriller kick, although right now I am reading The President is Missing by James Patterson and Bill Clinton. Pretty good so far, it is the first James Patterson I have read in a long time.
Person Of Interest 8 months ago
Hello! I like historical fiction too and mysteries; my personal catnip is a combo of both. :) I'm also Scots-Irish and keep meaning to delve into that part of the world and its literary offerings more one of these days. Sláinte!
Jennifer's Books 8 months ago
Nice to meet you, Kathleen! Love your shelves!
Thank you, I do too , thank you. I have a whole bookcase that has all signed copies of either ARC's or finished books.
Murder by Death 8 months ago
Another Irish (and Welsh, and English) ancestry here (on my dad's side anyway) and it's nice to see you back on BookLikes and hear that your surgery went well. Like Person of Interest, I'm a sucker for historical mysteries. The shelfies are great ... bookshelves all over the house sounds awesome.
I am actually Scot's Irish, thank you it is good to be back, I took time off after surgery. I could not read for awhile and they tell me it was the anesthesia that caused it. Kind of like a fog! I love historical fiction and thriller's and mysteries. I have to read something that holds my interest!
Midu Reads 8 months ago
Hi Kathleen :-D
BrokenTune 8 months ago
Hi. *waves* I love that quote. :)
See Waving back!
I do too, in the climate we have in the world right now it is appropriate!