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Murder by Death 8 months ago
omg... can I live in your basement? Please? I'll alphabetise?

It was great getting to know you better JL - and that first pic with your dog perfectly posed? That's adorable. He's (she's?) adorable - I almost didn't notice the bookshelves. :D
JL's Bibliomania 8 months ago
Quincy thanks you. He was hanging out in one of his favorite spots when I was taking the pictures and made that shot the winner.
BrokenTune 8 months ago
For the first time in my life, I have basement envy! That is gorgeous. And I love that you have dedicated library shelves at home. Just the idea of it makes me smile.
Midu Reads 8 months ago
I spotted Tigana. A favorite of mine too!
JL's Bibliomania 8 months ago
Glad you liked it too
It's great to get to know you better -- and I love the 3 pieces of art work that you shared instead of actual book covers. Love the picture of your living room, too ... and of course your dog! :) Oh, and my basement now wants to be like yours. (Won't ever happen, but there we go.)
JL's Bibliomania 8 months ago
Kate - My first name is Julie not Julia - would you please correct the post!

I feel honored to have been asked to participate.
BookLikes 8 months ago
Ooops! Corrected! Sorry!
Jennifer's Books 8 months ago
I want to move into your basement.
JL's Bibliomania 8 months ago
Please don't be too envious of the basement. It's a very carefully curated shot.
Carefully curated or not, it's darned impressive -- and in every conceivable respect the opposite of what my basement looks like. :D
Rachel's books 8 months ago
Love this!
JL's Bibliomania 8 months ago