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Denise 8 years ago
I have a question for you guys. My import is finished and all my books and reviews are up but my shelf numbers and my 2013 Reading Challenge number is still wrong. Does it take a little while for those to correct themselves?
BookLikes 8 years ago
Hi, number of books should be updated soon. It is possible that you need to log off and in to make refresh. When it comes to reading challenge, please remember that dates for finished reading should be filled in book pop up to make the count, here's our post about it:
That's how GR did it - so, to clarify - those dates would come over in the import, correct?
Krazykiwi @ Kiwitopia 8 years ago
My import is done NTFoB, and while it took a while after the numbers to catch up, the shelf numbers and then the reading challenge ticked itself off last of all.
Awesome, thanks!
Denise 8 years ago
All my shelves and my reading challenge just updated. Thanks! I really appreciate your staff responding. It is just refreshing.
My shelves and reviews don't seem to be importing? But perhaps the process has not finished yet? The shelves that I have now are shelves that I created here today.
BookLikes 8 years ago
We've checked and you're in import queue, sorry for this delay.
Ok, I just need to be more patient then! Thanks for checking up on it! :-)
Thanks for the info! :) I was a little worried about 'unshelved books' but not any longer. :)
I have come up with another question though. A lot of my book covers are missing, covers that I have over at Goodreads. Will those covers be there once the process is completed or will I have to go hunt them down one by one?
BookLikes 8 years ago
You can edit imported books on Import Page and change edition to covers that you like. You can also add covers to books with 'green' covers on your shelf, just click the book and add image. Sorry for this, we'll try to complete as many covers as we can.
I changed editions/covers on one of my books that I read back in 2012 and it showed up in my timeline that I read the book yesterday. Is that normal?
BookLikes 8 years ago
It was presented as re-added to shelf, you can remove some actions on Timeline if you want to, just point to a line in a centre next to the box with book action. You should see 'x' there to remove the note form timeline.

So the green covers will stay green even once the process of importing is completed?
BookLikes 8 years ago
We'll do what we can to fill up blank covers but it will take time as it can be done after all imports are finished.
Murder by Death 8 years ago
Just to make sure I understand correctly, reviews are the last thing to completely import, even after the books they belong to are brought in?

1536 - total number of books,
115 - imported with reviews (if added),
1147 - imported on your shelf - import of reviews is in progress,
274 - left.

So if I have a total of 598 reviews, those reviews are continuing to import, even though it shows there's only 274 books left?
BookLikes 8 years ago
Reviews are imported to books which are successfully imported to your Shelf. They can appear on your blog while import of books is still on.
Bebe ♥ Books 8 years ago
Is there an easier way to change the book's edition? Or we'll have to manually remove from shelf/add to shelf every time?
What about covers with different sizes on the shelf, any way to edit them?
BookLikes 8 years ago
You can edit your imported data on Import Page: click Change and select book edition that fits you. You can also remove and add books on Shelf. You can add cover to "green' books on your Shelf.
Bebe ♥ Books 8 years ago
Thank you!
How do you stop following a specific post?
BookLikes 8 years ago
You can stop following a specific blog by unfollowing it in Friends Tab, then you won't see posts published on this blog on your Dashboard.
but wouldn't that mean that I also stop following the "account"? For that's not my desire.
BookLikes 8 years ago
For now we don't have feature to block a given post but thank you for this suggestions. We're open to new ideas.
Hello, this is not related to this post (only slightly), but I was wondering if it's possible to add a book manually? The book I am currently reading is not in English and the stores available for searching do not sell it. :/ Thank you for your time. :)
BookLikes 8 years ago
Yes, you can add book manually. If results show nothing click "Add new book" (the bottom frame of book search box), add all book info and save and add the book to your Shelf.
Thank you so much! ^__^
The Crazy Bookworm 8 years ago
Thank you so much! This has been really helpful!
BookLikes 8 years ago
Thank you :-) And one more time Welcome!
bookyloo 8 years ago
This is probably a silly question, but do I need to leave my computer on during the importing process?
BookLikes 8 years ago
You can close the tab and your PC and explore BL while process is done. Import will be still going even if you switch off your pc :)
SilverThistle 8 years ago
Hi, my books have been uploaded for a couple days now and this morning it said I had -
103 - left.
Estimated time left: 14 hours

9 hours later and it's still showing those figures, should I worry? I've got well over 1000 already uploaded (but no reviews yet ) but my shelves still say '0 books'. Has it just stalled or stopped?
SilverThistle 8 years ago
It does lessen it, Mel. Thank you :)

Yesterday I saw the time counting down every time I refreshed the page but today it's be stuck at 14 hours for the last 9 hours so I thought I'd ask...just in case :D

The only thing that's really got my attention is my 'currently reading' shelf - I finished that book about 2 weeks ago so I'm hoping it's only on there temporarily and wondering why it's on that shelf to begin with...
SilverThistle 8 years ago
It's not so much that I'm impatient (although I am) it's more that I can't wait to get started properly by sorting through all my books and making sure they're in the right places with the right covers/editions. I can't wait to get started here. I'm looking forward to it!

Still haven't had much success with my trials to check book reviews from a random book, but I'll figure it out, I expect. When I searched a book by using that search bar at the top and that I know for a fact has a lot of reviews I found 3 editions and all without reviews. I must be doing something wrong but I'm not sure what it is yet.