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Ilhem 9 years ago
Yay! We've been waiting for that. Thanks!!!
OMG!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! This is soooo awesome.
BrokenTune 9 years ago
Yay. Thank you! This is great.
Yes. A thousand times, yes.
Kinga's Books 9 years ago
Well, this was bloody quick!
Fun With Books Blog 9 years ago
This is great - thank you !!
nospin 9 years ago
Thank you
AnnaLund2011 9 years ago
Yet another Thursday goes by, and WHAM here's a feature we all wanted.
You brilliant people. Thank you!
EricCWelch 9 years ago
A valuable addition to the site.
Pirlim Pem Pem 9 years ago
Dear BookLikes team, it is a nice idea and I'm sure many people will be happy about it. But please do not become another version of Goodreads or another all -in-1 services. You were quite unique from the beginning and it would be great to keep it this way.
Dawid Piaskowski 9 years ago
No worries :-) We've got our vision for BL :-)
Well said Pirlim...I whole-hardheartedly agree.
Liz Loves Books 9 years ago
Thank you!!!
Thank you very much indeed!
Linda Hilton 9 years ago
thank you. thank you. gracias. merci. danke schoen (which I probably misspelled). grazie.

and a big hug and kiss.
Thank you!
Romancing Riley 9 years ago
Thank you!! =)
My Reading Nook 9 years ago
Awesome!!!! Thank you, BookLikes!
Steve McKinney 9 years ago
Thank you for this great -- and essential -- new feature!
Andrea - Rulin Doolin 9 years ago
Groups - well, that's rather exciting. :)
nospin 9 years ago
Wonderful job on Discussion Rooms, aka Groups.
Thank you for letting us use the enter key in groups prior to posting. Little things make me happy.
Marianna 9 years ago
Are you working on a spoilers function for groups?
It is impossible to talk about books without it!
This is so great! I am jumping up and down at how awesome this is! One thing I might suggest to add to groups (if it isn't already, I haven't had a chance to browse around much yet) is group polls. I am considering starting a group with group challenges and group picked books to read and having the option to make a poll for all members would be helpful.
Thanks so much for adding this feature.

Currently there doesn't seem to be any way to edit posts in groups, but I'm sure you guys will be able to address something minor like that very quickly. Also I'm not an admin of any group so I don't know if this is currently an option or not, but I'd suggest adding the option to make sticky topics that always stay on the front page of groups if the option doesn't already exist.
THANK YOU! I have been waiting for this! And jumped to the opportunity to create a group for Danish readers! I'm looking forward to see what kind of functionality will be added - as already suggested by others:
**possibility to edit posts.
**create folders/topics: I think this should have a high priority as it will be handy to have some structure and overview in the groups, both as a mod and as a member you need this.
Novel Tease 9 years ago
I'm pleased with the Group idea, but even more that you snuck in the book cover updates as a second feature! Thanks.