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BookLikes 11 years ago
You can edit all your reviews from admin blog view: (click Blog on the top navigation bar). To find reviews, use search box in right column, then hover over the text and click Edit in upper right corner of the post,add correction to your text and Save.
Ha! I didn't realize that. Very cool. Thank you!!
Aerulan 11 years ago
On the admin blog view you can toggle between 'all posts' and 'drafts' any chance of adding a way to also filter for reviews, so you can see just posts marked as reviews (or just posts with a text content would work too) and not the updates to shelves
, read status challenge updates and such?
Tackling Mt. TBR 11 years ago
I'm very happy with all of these changes. Thank you!
Great changes! Thanks so much! I continue to be impressed how quickly you guys respond to our requests.

For reviews, would it be possible to edit our own reviews directly from the shelves as well? With over 2200 books on my shelves, it is tedious to find the right review in my blog listing.

BookLikes 11 years ago
OK. We'll add that option. Then you'll be able to go to edit mode from table view. :)
You guys are AWESOME!!!!

Thursday have become my favorite day of the week. I always look forward to pulling up the site to see what amazing things you've done for us.

Sarah's Library 11 years ago
Oh yes!! I forgot to mention this. It is very difficult to find my currently reading reviews when I need to update them and it would be wonderful to just jump straight to them from my shelves. Yippee *excited hand clapping*.
Sarah's Library 11 years ago
Fantastic! The new exclusive shelves will make personalising my shelves so much easier. The improvements to the rate and review process will halve the time it takes to write about the books I'm reading. The more obvious reblog status will make me feel much less like I'm stealing someone else's thunder when I reblog their quote or gif and I get tons of likes for it. One thing I have been wondering about is when or if there'll be the ability for us (members) to edit book pages? For example when you search for and find a book that you want to add to your shelves, but it doesn't have a summary, or it has the wrong picture uploaded (I came across this just today, where one of the copies of Cassandra Clare's Clockwork Angel has a children's book cartoon as the cover image, which is obviously wrong but I couldn't fix it). Also is there any chance that all the multiple copies of a book that people have uploaded to the site might one day be combined into a single record? So that when you search for Clockwork Angel (or whatever book) you only get one copy in the search bar and then go into the book page and choose the particular edition you own/read. Thanks again for all your hard work, and don't think that I'm not greatful for the improvements you've implemented today, but these are functions that would also greatly improve user-friendliness.
BookLikes 11 years ago
We plan big changes concerning book pages which include joining editions and adding possibility of edition of book info. We just need some time to make that happen. In the meantime, we'll present other improvements, updates and new features so it's definitely worth to stay tuned and look out for next Thursdays :-)
AnnaLund2011 11 years ago
I was JUST going to ask this. and then I fell over in my excitement, becasue FOR REALZ GUYS? YOU ROCK. *happy sigh* thank you for making Thursdays into Li'l Christmas, every darned week.
*sighs & leans over to help Anna back up*

And BookLikes, thanks again. :)
AnnaLund2011 11 years ago
thanks bb. I'm excitable. you know.
Liz Loves Books 11 years ago
Thank you! These are all very helpful changes!
SilverThistle 11 years ago
Thanks for all the changes to shelves. I was hoping it would include an option to 'remove all' from a shelf (similar to the 'add all' method), but without actually deleting the book from ALL shelves. Maybe that's for another update? At the moment is a one by one by one at a time deal and with 1000+ books I'd like to remove from the 'planning to read' shelf it's tedious.
BookLikes 11 years ago
We'll make some improvements here as well. Thanks :)
SilverThistle 11 years ago
Thank you! :D
Portable Magic 11 years ago
Thanks! I've been puzzling over how to make my "abandoned" and "not interested" shelves exclusive.
Sandi 11 years ago
Wow, you guys are incredible! The rebloging notation is great. As someone else said Thursday mornings are like Christmas for everyone who loves a book site. Dawid has a great team, thank you.
Cassandra Reads 11 years ago
Thanks you all. I think Thursday is going to become my new favorite day of the week! Love the updates to exclusive shelves, since my plan to read shelf was looking a little messy. And the review update will make reviewing so much easier!
The Butler Did It 11 years ago
I can think of so many ways to use these improvements! Thanks guys! This is the most responsive site I've ever used.
+1 on "most responsive site I've ever used." Thank you, to the entire BookLikes team!
Debbie's Spurts 11 years ago
I know members have asked to be sble to edit book information (as in being granted equivalent of goodreads librarian status) -- I understand that it's a stretch to trust newly arrived strangers with your data (and that you are in the process of changing edition features and such so a bit premature) . But maybe just add three wee little options to book page -- (1) isbn and ean (kindle asin, nook bnid 294#, kobo id 123#, …) (2) like for adding bookcovers when bookcovers are blank -- could we get a field to add series information that if blank could be added by member at least until your series info is more robust and (3) a "I have a correction or additional info" button to submit what changes we would have made with librarian status to your support staff. (Your support and responsiveness have been great and I am loving it here; but, when I emailed to add info to a book I got asked edition questions and I'm cinfused how your editions work). I'm thinking as typing because earlier comments made me think about -- but, I just realized I should be saying this over on your discussion group features thread so will copy there.
I love Thursdays.
You can say that again ...
Rachel the Book Harlot 11 years ago
You guys are amazing. Seriously. Thank you so much!!
Maven Books 11 years ago
I'm glad to see some of these improvements, but the new exclusive statuses are still confusing and not very intuitive. If I want to set a custom status on a book, it ends up being marked as Read AND the custom status. I then have to go in and unselect "Read" and save it. If I want to rate the book with this custom status, I can't do it from anywhere except the bookshelf table view. Hopefully this feature -- which I find lacking on other book sites -- can be improved further, to make it easier to use.
Valz 11 years ago
This isn't really on topic, but I love the graphic on your post! Did someone make if for booklikes?
This is great! Every week it seems something new comes along that makes me love this place even more.
Debbie's Spurts 7 years ago
Reblog isn't showing at top of a post except on dashboard view? I'd love it to stay at top even when looking at someone's "blog" rather than just dashboard view.

In the discussion rooms, we've been asking that Reblog won't work with posts marked as reviews. I still would like to see that. Or at least an official booklikes policy against or an official post requesting people not to Reblog review posts. Not only does it look lon the blogs like the reblogger wrote the review but it messes with book statistics. There's no reason a bookliker couldn't instead link to the review or quote a credited piece of it.
BookLikes 7 years ago
Thank you for those remarks. The reblog comment box is visible on the BookLikes theme blogs, the other templates should be updated by the designers (if they want to show the new element on their blog themes), the designers has been informed about a new code when the feature was released.

The feature release drill has been suspended :/ Sorry. We hope to get back to the Thursday candies, for the time being some ongoing updates and fix updates are planned.