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...Bookfanatic 5 years ago
Thanks, BookLikes, but I'm gonna skip these. I don't do horror stories much. Read Carrie and the Exorcist when I was younger, gave me nightmares for months, literally.
KOMET 5 years ago
Here are some novels of the horror genre that I’d like to recommend ---
1) SHARA – Steven E. Wedel
2) SHADOW OF THE BEAST – Margaret L. Carter
4) HOWLING DEAD – M.H. Bonham
5) BITTEN – Kelley Armstrong
6) OVERWINTER – David Wellington
7) FROSTBITTEN – Kelley Armstrong

...Bookfanatic 5 years ago
Oh I have read many a Kelley Armstrong book, I love her 'Women of the Otherworld' and Laurell K. Hamilton's Merry Gentry series. I know they class them as horror but when you compare them to books like Carrie, The Shining, Something Wicked This Way Comes or The Exorcist it's like apples and oranges at least for me it is. Kelley Armstrong and Laurell K Hamilton's books just don't hold that same terror factor that the others do. I'm not familiar with the other books on your list so I'll have to check them out. If they're more along the lines of Ms Armstrong or Ms Hamilton, I may like them.
tricours 5 years ago
Here I was looking for scary reads, and what shows up in my twitter feed? This post! Excellent! :) For speakers of Swedish I recommend "Svenska kulter" by Anders Fager.
Ned Hayes Writing 5 years ago
Anything by Adam Nevill is amazingly scary and a wonderful Halloween read!
Ned Hayes Writing 5 years ago
Also, there's the wonderfully perverse Amanda Feral novels and the YA horror masterpiece VELVETEEN by Mark Henry -- check him out at
I 100% agree with Infected and Contagious, Scott Sigler is my absolute favorite author and those are fantastic. But if you want something a little more in the horror or sci-fi genres then go for Ancestor or Nocturnal by the same author.

Another favorite, Renegade by JA Souders. Technically not a horror but it horrified me all the same. I named it my Book of the Year for 2012.
I don't know why but there's something about Stephen King's "Pet Sematary" which scares me to this day. O.o
williamdeanhamilton 5 years ago
Stephen King Desperation
williamdeanhamilton 5 years ago
Peter Straub Shadowland
...Bookfanatic 5 years ago
No, no Stephen King or Peter Straub toooooo scary. I am not brave enough for authors like that.
KOMET 5 years ago
I'd like to recommend "WOLF'S BLUFF" by W.D. Gagliani & "RAVENOUS" by Ray Garton.