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Great!! Finally :D
Trillian 9 years ago
Great idea :)
Dawid Piaskowski 9 years ago
Bookworm Dreams 9 years ago
Yay, now I don't have to bother and open this post in new page to tell you how great you are. ;)
I love to see how fast things get updated. Keep up the good work!
Book Clever 9 years ago
Excellent! I love this!
BookLikes 9 years ago
Thank you! :-)
Loving the new features. Keep up the awesome work!
Read, Run, Ramble 9 years ago
Awesome...I love this addition! Thanks to everyone on the BookLikes crew for being so open and quick with everything here! Loving it more and more every day.
Toni 9 years ago
Love this new addition aweson
Mareike's Bücher 9 years ago
That's really great :)
viridiangreen 9 years ago
Awesome! I really missed a feature like this! :D
olivia 9 years ago
Thank you so much -- this is excellent news!
Valz 9 years ago
Um, I have discovered a problem. When trying to comment on someone's blog (like mine) who has the brown background when you go to type the font is in white and it does not show up as you write it. Only after commenting can you read it.
daniel 9 years ago
Should be fixed now
Valz 9 years ago
Valz 9 years ago

Kinga's Books 9 years ago
I have actually nothing to contribute to the discussion but wanted to add a comment now that I can!
Couscous 9 years ago
You know you're all kinds of awesome, right?
I see no ability to leave a comment at all on any booklikes blog.
Except for this one