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Marianna 9 years ago
OMG. Yes. Thank you!
Soooooo awesome!! Editing existing posts is a huge help! And HTML tags? Happy Thursday to us!

Thank you for your outstanding work to make this site such a wonderful place!
Liz Loves Books 9 years ago
Thank you! Happy Halloween!
Wow, this is really welcome. Thank you!
BrokenTune 9 years ago
Thank you!
Bark at the Ghouls 9 years ago
Thank you for Halloween present :)
Treat, no trick!
Fun With Books Blog 9 years ago
This is great - thank you :)
Cassandra Reads 9 years ago
Editing and HTML? Yes! Thank you for both
Maybe have a custom tag for books so you can [book][/book] and it'd pop up a thumbnail of the cover and link it to it's Booklikes page or you could mouse over it to add it to a shelf?
I want to embed iframe in my forum how can I do this? Please help me. Thanks for these tips.