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Edit from table view is really useful!
DP9 11 years ago
Yay, can't wait to edit from the table!!
Sarah's Library 11 years ago
OH THANK YOU BOOKLIKES GODS!! It was so time consuming to have to go searching for the previous post (via the tag search box) in order to update a review of a book I was still reading. This is one of the best Thursday innovations you've done.
Something to think about for next week: Could you make it so that when you click the tab to file your reviews by author (in shelf view), it orders them by the authors last name instead of first. For example Robert Ludlum is filed under 'r' for 'Robert' when it should be under 'l' for 'Ludlum'. Also when you click the tab to file your reviews by title it doesn't file books by the words 'the' or 'a'. For example The Bourne Identity is currently filed under 't' for 'The' when it should be under 'b' for 'Bourne'. I have like 30 books filed under 'the', it makes it hard to find a book by title or author
YES! THIS! We need this!
Sarah's Library 11 years ago
I know it drives me crazy. If this was GR I'd be worried that by the time anything was done about our requests I would have gotten used to searching for Dan Brown under D and The Piano Shop on the Left Bank under T, and would be so inured to searching in this way that a change to the logical way of filing alphabetically would cause me brain pains. Fortunately, this isn't GR it's BL and it might just be on the schedule for next Thursday.
Pleasepleaseplease, BookLikes! /
HAPPY THURSDAY!!!! This is an excellent update! Love the new features!! You guys are awesome!!!
Thank you!
Fun With Books Blog 11 years ago
Thank you - this is great.
Liz Loves Books 11 years ago
Thanks you! Both of these are very helpful!
AnnaLund2011 11 years ago
... ah, let me count the ways.
Rachel the Book Harlot 11 years ago
Thank you!!
Mammarella 11 years ago
Awesomeness! Thank you so much for both updates! :)
Books2day 11 years ago
Great new feature!
11 years ago
So excellent! Thanks so much for addressing 2 items on my personal wishlist. :D
Nicci - TWLIB Reviews 11 years ago
Very, very nice! Thanks for the wonderful job updating BL.
Thank you for this! I'm new here, so this helps.