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11 years ago
Mismatched Bookends 11 years ago
Wicked Awesome! Well overdue!! THANK YOU!!!
Trix 11 years ago
Rightly so! Just my thoughts!

Thank you!
Miranda 11 years ago
...and for the "massage" on your page I will love you forever. Promise. :D
Mismatched Bookends 11 years ago
do you need a massage doll? I have some time? Let me guess, you live in Poland? (I can say that I am Polish lol)
Mismatched Bookends 11 years ago
you know I thought I missed an error and I see below I did. at least bl has a good sense of humor. I almost let an interview go out with a very embarrassing error this am!! So Massage Messages? Cool. I still hold my offer open. I work cheap. Or free if you can hook me up with some books lol!
Mismatched Bookends 11 years ago
I do Reiki too which can be done long distance .I am level one. And I like to talk did you notice that lmao!
Abandoned by user 11 years ago
Yay! This is awesome!
Heidi Hart 11 years ago
You are too good to us, Booklikes. Thank you.
Denise 11 years ago
Yay, really excited about this feature. Thanks Booklikes.
BookLikes 11 years ago
Haha :-) It's dual action a message with a massage ;-)
BookLikes 11 years ago
:-) we have skilled hands and many talents ;-)
Yesyesyesyes! Thank you!!
KindleRomance 11 years ago
Thank you!!! I can't believe how quickly you make changes around here! Awesome team!
Jessica (HDB) 11 years ago
Oh my gosh, yay!!! Thank you so so so much!
Martini 11 years ago

That's great! Thank you and hooray to the Booklikes' programmers!
Degrees of Affection 11 years ago
Wow, this is great! Thanks so much!
ignite the page 11 years ago
Finally, yes!
Spare Ammo 11 years ago
Thank you for listening and deciding that this not only a wanted feature but a needed feature.
Bark at the Ghouls 11 years ago
Thank you booklikes! You must all be working overtime to implement all of this new programming and it is very much appreciated. Since you mentioned the Explore page do you think it's possible to put in a better filter for this feature in the future? I'd love to find a few more people to follow who read horror novels (for example) but when I click on "horrors" it tends to bring up the same few blogs and hot reviews that I already see on the explore page and they usually aren't related to horror at all. Right now when I click the "horrors" link I see reviews for urban fantasy,scifi and young adult.and a memoir.
BookLikes 11 years ago
Thank you for these remarks and suggestions, we'll be bringing new options to discover books and book blogs, including more specific genres. We just need time ;-) Our to-do-list is getting longer and longer, we have many plans for improvements and it's so exciting and rewarding to hear your ideas and implement those :) When you're happy dancing, we're doing the same :) Thank you and enjoy! *dancing now*
Degrees of Affection 11 years ago
I've not been here long and already I've seen you be very proactive and bring out really helpful changes. Thank you for your hard work.
Bark at the Ghouls 11 years ago
This is why I love BookLikes! I look forward to all of the changes but don't burn yourselves out :)
BookLikes 11 years ago
No worries :) Book force is with us ;-)
Mismatched Bookends 11 years ago
I agree with BarkLessWagMore about the filter and the same things that come up. Can we fix that? :)
Happy dancing with this new update, thank you!!!
Mismatched Bookends 11 years ago
Rose Summers, have you read about my Happy Dance? lol!
No More Booklikes, BYE 11 years ago
Wonderful ! Thank you
Rachel the Book Harlot 11 years ago
This is wonderful! Thank you!
nospin 11 years ago
Thank you!
BrokenTune 11 years ago
Fantastic!!! Thank you!
Love it, Thanks
Ruined by Reading 11 years ago
Well yay. I wanted that.
Margitte's Reviews 11 years ago
This is a very nice new feature. I need time to explore Booklikes more, but each time I spend time here, I discover so much great stuff. I am following your blog now as well. One of the great discoveries :-)
How awesome are you guys??? Thank you so much. This is fantastic!!!!
Oh oh oh! this is the feature I was most wanting! Thank you, BookLikes! Now, what is this about "goodies" for authors? I did not get a message about this. . . .