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Karin's Book Nook 9 years ago
Any chance there will be some additional FREE templates added soon?
That table view addition is very nice, thank you.
Certainly people can always customize on their own. I recognize that one way or another, BL has bills to pay. I wouldn't mind buying a theme to support it.
Degrees of Affection 9 years ago
The templates look great and I like the review date...since I'm rarely as proactive as I'd like to be about posting my reviews
Krazykiwi @ Kiwitopia 9 years ago
They're comparable in complexity to Wordpress or Tumblr themes. Tumblr (which is most like this) tend to run $19 to maybe $49 (with the odd one higher than that) and Wordpress can be all the way up into the hundreds, but I'd say most are $29 to $89. There is a fair amount of work in creating something that will run and be bulletproof in all (or even many) of the situations these have to run in. So I don't think they're overpriced.
Degrees of Affection 9 years ago
I agree. The work alone (and the face that I couldn't do the same if my life depended on it) seems to me to make the price low and certainly doable. I plan to buy one as soon as I can.
Murder by Death 9 years ago
I think a lot of the templates look fantastic, and I too will probably purchase one to support BookLikes.
BookLikes 9 years ago
We hope to add free templates too. We'd also like to promote and share works by talented young designers. We hope everyone will wind something suitable on BL. Of course, you can still customize on your own, we love custom-made blogs as they represent You with this personal touch and that's great :)
And that's one of the (many) things we love you for -- for being so responsive, and for giving us different options wherever possible!
Marianna 9 years ago
That's a great idea! But the price. 0_0
Is that a normal price for templates? Maybe I'm just a cheapskate.
Either way, I hope the designer and Booklikes get some profit from this. :)
BookLikes 9 years ago
Good news: we'll be adding search for book and specific book entry in table view, then you'll be taken to the book you're looking for.
Degrees of Affection 9 years ago
THANK YOU! That will be perfect!
Jamie's Book Blog 9 years ago
Very nice. I'm so happy to see this. I'm new here and I have been trying without any success to create my own header and theme. I'm going to be buying one of these next week. There's one there that looks perfect and is nearly what I was wanting to do myself. I think you'll should also create holiday themes for Xmas, Easter, etc. I know a lot of people can make their own but I bet a lot of people wouldn't mind buying a holiday theme they can pop in real quick during the holiday's. I know I would. And that's very cheap for any kind of theme. Trust me, I've been shopping around for my own domain and nine bucks is a heck of a bargain.