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aka Grasshopper 5 years ago
Black cats bring good luck...especially if you wear black pants.;-)
Awwww. Too cute. I have a black cat and he definitely brings lots of luck and lots of love. :)
So did mine until the day he died at a biblical age! :)
I'm so sorry for your loss, TA, but I'm so glad that your baby got to live a long life filled with love. :) My cat is 8 years old, but still thinks he's a kitten. Heh. I've only had him for 2 years--he just showed up in my neighborhood one day, and it was love at first sight. :)
That's pretty much Gypsy's story as well (hence the name)! A skinny, dusty-gray fur ball who showed up in the neighborhood one day and, on closer inspection (helped by frequent and diligent combing and plenty of food) proved to be a gorgeous, loving, gentle, faithful, silk-furred and generally adorable four-pawed gentleman.

And talk about "still thinks (s)he's a kitten" -- not Gypsy but Holly, the only one of my cats who is still around! I adopted her when she really WAS a kitten ... in her own mind, she's apparently never really grown up. Except for being much more lazy now, thank God; when she was a baby, a bouncing ball had absolutely nothing on her! :)

Aaahhh, cats ...
Mammarella 5 years ago
Awesome collection! Thanks for this :)
I have six black cats, and i was born on a Friday the 13th ;)
SilverThistle 5 years ago
They say that black cats are the hardest to rehome in shelters :(
The Firefly Grave 5 years ago
Yeah, it's sad. They tend to be active but easy going and friendly. Superstitions are fine when they don't defame anyone.
What gorgeous kitties.
lindawood79069 5 years ago
Come to the UK, black cats are good luck here
Really? Wow. I'm moving. (Well, I'd love to, anyway ...)
Jamie's Book Blog 5 years ago
OMG, that second one looks just like my little kitty Angel. She was so small. Not even a week old when some stray dogs got her momma, I raised her with a medicine dropper. She's now big, healthy and I think I gave her the wrong name Lol. Such cute kittens and cats. Yep, I think the white cat crowd is behind all the bad luck misinformation too :)
Jamie's Book Blog 5 years ago
Aww, I didn't know that SilverThistle. That's a shame, they have so much to offer. The only thing I hate is that they're invisible in the dark lol. Other than that every black cat I've ever owned has been nothing but a blessing.
Sarah's Library 5 years ago
I have a black and white cat, Trinity, but the white is on her tummy, so when she's curled up on our black suede couches she's nearly invisible and nearly gets herself sat on weekly by both human and dog alike.
Trillian 4 years ago
If you are looking for black cats in books, don't forget "The Master and Margarita" by Mikhail Bulgakov :)
Unapologetic Reviews 4 years ago
It's my birthday, so am I a black cat?
SoBe 4 years ago
Happy Friday indeed! Thanks for the post, it totally brightened my day :)
Black cats have always been good luck in the UK.
Char's Horror Corner 4 years ago
We rescued a black cat and he has brought nothing but good luck.
I loved your post!
TheBookNympho 4 years ago
I own a black cat too.
The Art of Isis Sousa 4 years ago
Oh, so lovely I had to share! Thanks for this ^.^
All I have are black kitties! Thank you for this! It was quite nice to wake up to adorable cats this morning
Purr More Bark Less 4 years ago
Books. Cats. Life is good. --Edward Gorey
BarbeloAngel 4 years ago
You can't get better than the Black Cat. Brill post.
In case you can't tell from my profile pic here, I love black cats! I shared a few other pics of my DoomCat at