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BookLikes 4 years ago
Ufff ;-) To super!
Thanks for the candies :D
They are uber tasty.

Have a great New Year Booklikes Team!
AnnaLund2011 4 years ago
Oh, just as I was getting used to the Return to post a comment... But, wow, that makes it all easier! Thank you!
I'm probably in the minority, but I liked using the return to post! But, yeah, even I hit return without holding the shift sometimes, so I understand why a publish button might be better/necessary.
AnnaLund2011 4 years ago
See, the problem is, I'm 90% of the time on my iPad when writing here... a PITA, because I haven't found a way to hold the shift while pushing return. :-) So this is great!
Debbie's Spurts 4 years ago
Me neither — cannot find a way to shift-enter on iPad.
I"m just in that period where I'm re-adjusting. I'm not particularly fond of change, but I adapt quickly. I've adapted to hitting enter, so now I'm just frustrated by having to remember the publish button.

It's in BLs best interest to implement this in my opinion, and not only because the majority wanted this/iPad/tablet users were having trouble. It also led to a lot of copy/pastes, and reposting, or people posting two or three times instead of once. I'm assuming this will cut down on that, and make BL more streamlined. I'm all for that, but I may be one of the only people conflicted due to having liked the ease of the enter button. Even I, at times, wished for a publish button rather than the enter, too, so... Yeah, overall, this is going to be a good thing. I'll get used to the button, and then I'll be like, I can't imagine how I lived without it!

In addition, for something like this, something that isn't a morals/ethics issue, but a simple matter of the publish button making the majority of people happy, I believe BL should go with the majority. It makes sense as far a business goes, and more people are happier. Win-win with a few exceptions. I see exactly why BL did this, and I applaud them. I wasn't vocal enough to say I loved the enter button, and even if I had been, I would have been drowned out by those calling for the button. This just proves that BL listens to its users, and takes its user's opinions seriously. If anything, that alone is worth the minor inconvenience while I readjust to using a publish button.
Debbie's Spurts 4 years ago
It seems like "publish" publishes faster than "enter" used to. Maybe just psychosomatic or some improved behind the scenes coding. I think some duplicate comments were from people hitting enter agin because took too long to publish.
Fair enough. Sometimes I hit enter twice by mistake, too. Anyway, yeah, anything that improves BL? I'm for that, even if I liked the old way/am in an awkward phase right now.
Ilhem 4 years ago
The shift+enter thing drove me nuts! Thank you!
I could never make that work, shift+enter. (I have certain butterfinger tendencies.)
Degrees of Affection 4 years ago
I never even figured it out. So this is amazing.
Familiar Diversions 4 years ago
The "publish" button makes commenting less painful when I'm using my tablet. Thank you!
aka Grasshopper 4 years ago
Thanks for a useful tool. Any chance of getting an edit button for comments?
BookLikes 4 years ago
Hmm, here's a hint. Did you write letter to Santa? Wait for Christmas gift ;-) Stay tuned!
I'm more excited about this than the publish button myself! Thank you for listening to us, and for constantly working to improve this site.
Kaethe 4 years ago
Yay! I like candy!

Y'all are doing a fabulous job. I really appreciate your listening to us and the constant little improvements.
Jessica (HDB) 4 years ago
Thank you so much! I love this site!
How awesome are you guys and girls? This is fantastic!!! Thank you so much, and merry Christmas to everyone who's been working so hard to make this site our new home.
Also, excellent choice on the candy image - especially for this LGBTQ supporter.
People, you Rock.
Bark's Book Reviews 4 years ago
Thank you so much for all of your continued work!
charlton 4 years ago
You people are great! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Olga Godim 4 years ago
Hooray for the 'Publish' button!
Who doesn't like candy for Christmas? I certainly do!
Jamie's Book Blog 4 years ago
Haha, I didn't even know about shift-enter so this is a huge improvement and yeah I think it publishes faster too. I always had a bit of a delay which would cause me to think I didn't hit enter then I'd end up double posting. Publish button is my new best friend :) Also the changes to discussion group are very nice. Going to be so much more user friendly now. Thank you :) Hitting that big green Publish button now :)
Degrees of Affection 4 years ago
Thank you so much! I love candy!

This is fantastic. Thank you for listening! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you.
Ooohhh, these are lovely candies!! No more having to remember to use shift-enter! *slips off to post comments like mad*
KindleRomance 4 years ago
Thank you!!
Jessica (HDB) 4 years ago
For one of our next set of candies, might we have threaded comments for discussion rooms? It would make having awesome conversations so much easier :). Thank you again for being so totally awesome!!!