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BookLikes 11 years ago
Have you added site's short name in Settings? You can also use BookLikes comment system, then you'll be able to comment straight on Dashboard.
BookLikes 11 years ago
It worked :) BL comment system is visible in your admin view and on public page. Disqus is visible only on your public page under each post once you click the title and it's here e.g.:
BookLikes 11 years ago
Thanks. Same to you :-) Happy reading weekend!
Reader! Reader! 9 years ago
This does not work as it used to. Disqus now requires that the platform be entered--and booklikes is not one of them. Blogger? Typepad? Drupal? Jumla? Wordpress? Tumblr? Squarespace? Moveable Type? Universal Code?
BookLikes 9 years ago
Hi. We'll be happy to help. Please have a look at the step by step how-to. You can still add your Disqus, there's no need of choosing the platform. When you're moved to the view where you see all these platforms on DIsqus, choose General in Settings and then add www of your BookLikes page in the Website URL spot in Site Identity sector. Save.

Then go to your BookLikes Settings/Blog and insert shortname in the Disqus comment field. Save. The comment box should be added to your BL webpage, the comment box will be visible once you enter your blog post (click the titles of the post and scroll down to check if it's there).

Let us know if everything worked out well. You can also mail us at, we'll be happy to help and support. Looking forward to hearing back from you with good news :)
umarkhan 2 years ago
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