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Debbie's Spurts 6 years ago
When you search those shelf tags to find books, is there a way to see reviews of all editions of that book?
BookLikes 6 years ago
Now once you search by Tag (click tag in the post), you'll see all texts with a given tag. If a given tag was added to several books and their editions, all posts with these books should pop up on your Dash.
We're working on new book data base where all book editions will be together.
Thanks so much for adding this. It will really save me time since the majority of the tags I put on my review posts are the same as my shelves. I do agree though that there should be the option to turn it off for the people that don't want it though.
Thank you for this addition -- AND for the confirmation re: consolidated book (edition) pages! (You're probably aware that this is something a lot of us are looking to see sooner rather than later ...)

If I edit reviews already posted, will that cause my shelf names to be retroactively added to the edited reviews as well?
Jamie's Book Blog 6 years ago
Thanks so much and yeah I agree with Bee's, there needs to be a toggle. Ooh, I hope that wasn't my shelf Petra X, glad you said that though because I have a few non-fiction type memoirs and journals that I really need to shelf as nonfiction. I don't know what I currently have them under.

Great question Themis, I was wondering the same thing. I'm going back and redoing a lot of my stuff and have been for some time. Was wondering the same thing.
Jamie's Book Blog 6 years ago
ahh ok, I see. Still glad I saw it though that way I'll remember to create a non-fiction one, or at least tag it appropriately.
I like this, but what I am really excited about is the news that all editions will be linked. Yay!
This is great news! Thank you, BookLikes.
Degrees of Affection 6 years ago
Thanks! Tags and I have been waging a minor war, so my shelves acting as auto tags is AMAZING! But I agree, the best news is the new book data base coming. *happy dance*
Murder by Death 6 years ago
This will save me time when I write reviews, since my shelves match my tags a lot. But yeah, I live in hope every week that the book database will be announced. I can't wait!
I just noticed this when I did a status update. I really like this! Now I just need to be add more themed shelves, oh you've got me working now BookLikes!
Just had a thought, are we going to have a 2014 reading challenge? I really liked seeing the 2013 one on my dashboard...even though I didn't complete it. But this year I am determined!
Check under "Goodies."
Ahhh, there it is! Never would have thought to check there lol. Thanks!
On my blog it shows what my new goal is, but it still says 2013.
BookLikes 6 years ago
Please try going to Goodies/Widget (, check if the widget title is OK and copy/paste the challenge widget code in customization tab.
Thanks. I completely forgot that I had to paste a widget code in for my Booklikes blog. I just thought it sort of showed up automatically on Booklikes if I had a challenge set and the widget was just for other sites. Anyway it's fine now.
BookLikes 6 years ago
It looks OK now :)