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Fun With Books Blog 8 years ago
This is great thank you. I often want to review a few books in a series so this will help :)
8 years ago
Tech help is always appreciated.
Excellent additions!! I so love this site, and how responsive you guys are. :) Thank you!!
Both great, thank you very much.
nospin 8 years ago
Thank you
Degrees of Affection 8 years ago
I knew about the multiple book review...but didn't know about the book cover thing! Thanks so much! Can't wait to use it!
Thank you! Nice additions.
Thank you! I love the fact that, week after week, you keep releasing new features ... and you're doing so in addition to the creation of the consolidated book database (yay for your recently repeated confirmation on that!), which I'm sure must be taking a LOT of time and work in and of itself.