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RedT Reads Randomly 7 years ago
YAY! For private notes! And Book covers search! And i through t.
Thank you.
Sarah's Library 7 years ago
Can't we have the 'order shelf alphabetically by author' option set so that it's alphabetical by their last name, so James Patterson is filled under P for Patterson, rather than J for James? It's really frustrating that instead of having all the books by Cornwell filed together, Patricia is at the opposite end of the alphabet from Bernard. Every Thursday night (in Melbourne) I hope that'll be the change, but it never is (obviously).
Yeah I agree there should be the option to sort by last name so long as the option to sort by first name remains as well.
Jessica (HDB) 7 years ago
Thank you guys! Fabulous updates, as always :). I love my new shelves!
7 years ago
Thanks, BL!
Looks great! Thank you for all the work you guys have been putting in. It's much appreciated. :)
Degrees of Affection 7 years ago
I love the new look! And thank you SO much for showing how to write text beside pictures! I've been trying to figure that out for days now.
bookaneer 7 years ago
Yay! Thank you again for the resizeable text boxes :)
Debbie's Spurts 7 years ago
I still cannot use the menus at all.

So ever since book database and new look introduced, I have (1) been able to see my dashboard with currently reading at right. And (2) [thanks to a friend sharing that I can see my notifications by going to] I can follow some conversations struck up in post comments.

Must be nice to still be able to see shelf menus, edit blog drafts, etc.
BookLikes 7 years ago
So sorry for this, could you please mail us details of your browser. Is it happening on other browsers as well? Does it happen on your PC or tablet/phone? Our mail is:

To go to your blog use link :; Shelf: , Discussions: , Explore: , Goodies , Settings: