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BookLikes 9 years ago
Oh sorry :/ Please clear the cache memory to make your browser see our updates. If this happens again, please let us know.
BookLikes 9 years ago
Oh no, everything should be OK. We need more details to investigate. Please do the following actions:
1. go to Edit Books page,
2. press F12 and select Console at the bottom,
3. Refresh,
4. write a title in a shelf search box;
5. if none of the book pops up, copy the text visible in the Console tab at the bottom of the page and send it to us:
BookLikes 9 years ago
Glad to hear that. Thank you :)
KizunaYueMichaelis 9 years ago
There used to be a link to go directly to the review of the book I posted. Where is it now?
BookLikes 9 years ago
The link to your review is visible in your table view, on Book Page and in a book window on your public Blog page.
BookLikes 9 years ago
OK. Sorry, we'll be working on updates on mobiles. Please let us know if you encounter the same issue on your other PC.
Thanks very much for adding this tool, though I'm not sure why it's under the goodies section. It would make more sense to me to be able to switch editions right from our shelves.

I tried the tool out, and unfortunately it wasn't very useful to me. For the few books I tried, when trying to search for the edition I wanted, I couldn't find any results with the correct cover. This is very frustrating considering that these were books I manually added in the first place with the cover I did want and then they got changed on me. The problem with some books is that there can be multiple editions with different covers, but they have the same ISBN. This means that I can't really even add a new edition(again) with the cover I want because you've disabled duplicate ISBNs.

At this point I'd find it a lot more useful if I could just upload my own covers to display on my shelves that would be separate from the "official" cover that is shown on the book's book page.
Bark at the Ghouls 9 years ago
I haven't played with your features yet but I'd really like the option to upload covers too. There's nothing worse than a naked book (ok maybe there is but it bugs me :)
Yeah I love being able to upload covers on Shelfari and LibraryThing and I'll often do this even if the right cover is available just because I'm often able to find a cover image that's of better quality.
I am happy to get the right cover on my books. The operation of this feature is a little clunky, but I expect it will improve.
BookLikes 9 years ago
Thank you for all the suggestions and sorry for any difficulties. We're working now on tools to edit&update the book information. If you notice that a book needs to be fixed, please mail us at a book fix email. We'll sort everything out.
BookLikes 9 years ago
Thanks, we'll add that.
This is great; but I'd love it if when adding to non-exclusive shelves, the list didn't go back to the top every time you added a shelf. (I have a lot of shelves!)
Murder by Death 9 years ago
Any chance we can get the ISBN on the pop-up/lightbox window for a book?

Thanks for the updates Booklikes, I'm looking forward to trying them out. :)
BUGGY 9 years ago
Thank so much Booklikes, I've been waiting for this feature to exchange book editions because (like many) I'm kinda neurotic about having the correct covers for my shelves. I didn't have any problems at all with the switching
Debbie's Spurts 9 years ago
Any estimated time frame for getting the main menu choices working? I still cannot get back to my shelves (much less use all these improvements you've made) or drafts or any of the menu choices I was used to. It's been that way since the book database I so wanted was introduced. I hate to whine; but, seeing all these new features and book database things introduced that I cannot get to because site menus do 'to work is frustrating.
Ami's Hoard 8 years ago
I would love to be able to change book covers with the correct ones! Like today I am looking for the book cover for the latest Rick Riordan's books, and I see that they're all NOT the final cover, but I can't change them and the OCD part of me just feel restless. So hopefully you will add the feature of us changing the book cover
BookLikes 8 years ago
Thank you for this suggestion and for reaching out.
Bark at the Ghouls 8 years ago
This kind of drives me a little crazy too. I wish we had the ability to upload a book cover especially for the blank ones.
BookLikes 8 years ago
You can upload the covers for "green books" (books lacking covers), just go to a book page and if the cover isn't updated (we add new covers all the time), add a cover image (the add a cover button is just under the green cover).
Bark at the Ghouls 8 years ago
Ahhh, how did I miss that? Thanks!