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Good editions though I'm still patiently awaiting the removal of the page pop-ups so I can actually use these features without being majorly inconvenienced.
7 years ago
Ditto on page pop-ups. They just get in the way!
Will there ever be an exploration into ebooks that aren't from Amazon? My deep dislike and distrust of Amazon aside, some of us actually prefer epub as a format.
BookLikes 7 years ago
Hi, we do plan to present more diverse book choices. It's just the beginning.
Sandi 7 years ago
Thank you!
Bookloving writer 7 years ago
Great! Could you add free ebooks from Smashwords too? That would also be great. I have a Kindle, but also a Cybook Odyssey that reads epub.
A decent start, but not everyone uses Kindle to eread with, nor do they do the majority of their buying from Amazon. (It's my place of last resort.)
Oh I love it and I hate it. I will suffer from extreme TBR out of control syndrome !
Thanks BL this is a nice addition
BookLikes 7 years ago
Categories are on its way :)