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Dor Does Books 7 years ago
I'm going to have to start keeping my BL blog more in sync with real life. I love me some statistics.
BookLikes 7 years ago
:) Great!
Nice addition with the reading stats. But what to do about books in the database that don't have page number information? My reading stats so far have me at several hundred pages less than what it says at both Shelfari and GoodReads(both of which incidentally show different numbers for my total pages read).

Honestly I'm not sure I care about page number stats as much as I used to. In the age of ebooks, number of pages read is becoming irrelevant and even with paper books the number of pages in a given book can vary so much just based on edition and formatting. Someday it would be nice to have word count stats because those will be much more accurate in showing how much you've read. For example it shows my fastest read was a book that was 384 pages read in 2 days, but that was a graphic novel so it almost feels like it shouldn't count because the majority of the book was picture with little actual text. I know that realistically this will only be doable once it becomes common practice for word counts to be listed on seller's book pages.

It's still really great having additional stats for number of books read though.
BookLikes 7 years ago
Thank you. We're updating the book info all the time, plus the book moderators option which will enable the edition of book information is coming soon. Thanks for the suggestions.
Thanks for the info. Maybe a good idea for when the book moderators thing comes in is that when you view your challenge in the list of books it will show which books don't have page number info so they can easily be identified for editing.
7 years ago
What about those of us who listen to books rather than flip pages?
Kate says 7 years ago
Good point, we'll add that. Sorry and thanks for a reminder :-)
Degrees of Affection 7 years ago
Love this! I love seeing the months broken up, I know some months are more reading intensive for me, it will be interesting to see similarities over years.
Murder by Death 7 years ago
This is so cool! Thanks!
Fearless Facade 7 years ago
Booklikes just keeps getting better and better
Hi BL, my reading challenge doesn't seem to be updating. I'm stuck at 21 books, and have probably read 10 since then. Am I doing something wrong?
Dor Does Books 7 years ago
Have you put a completed reading date on them?
I thought it defaulted to the day you mark it as finished. I normally mark the book as finished in my dashboard and rate it, and also write a text review with rating as well. That tallied up the books on my reading challenge up until recently it seems.
No, it doesn't automatically fill in the date and personally I wouldn't want it to because the day I update my book info might not actually be the day I finished reading it.
Gah! Didn't realize that. Should be easy to keep an eye out for next time I finish a book. Thanks for the heads up!