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Hello YA Fanatic and Happy New Year! It's good to see you here again!
YA Fanatic 6 years ago
Right! It's been a while but somehow I gained hundreds of followers in the process! And thank you!!
You may want to check those followers -- some of them are probably spam accounts ... they seem to have been prolifering here lately. :(

If you feel like it, you can report them here: (though we haven't seen any admin oversight in a loooong time -- which is probably why the spammers feel encouraged in the first place).
YA Fanatic 6 years ago
That it is good to know!! How gross! I will definitely check that. It wouldn't surprise me.
YA Fanatic 6 years ago
is there anyway to easily get rid of them? I think you are right lots of spammers. And that sucks.
If you access your followers list through the drop-down menu at the top (left side) of your dashboard page, you can scroll over each "follower" entry, and there will be a little "prohibited" symbol (slashed-through circle) in the top right corner that will become visible, and tinged red, if you scroll over it. All it takes is clicking on that, and the person is gone from your followers. Unfortunately, though, you'll have to do it one by one -- there is no bulk edit option.
YA Fanatic 6 years ago
boo. But it'll least narrow it down. Its pretty easy to see who is spam. Glad you mentioned that. Thanks so much!
You're welcome!
YA Fanatic 6 years ago
hmm I am not seeing this. The only way I can see my followers is through my blog where it says how many are following me. But there isn't a prohibited symbol. I can only click to go to their blog.
Your blog doesn't have any "edit" option, that's why you're not seeing this when accessing your followers page on your blog.

Here's how you get to the page I mean:

1. Open your main dashboard. It has a green bar up top to the left saying "dashboard". This is actually a drop-down menu.
2. Mouse over the drop-down menu to open it. Your sixth or seventh option down (below "Discussions") will be "Friends". Click on that.
3. Your "Friends" section has several sub-sections, all visible by way of tabs next to the main page title ("Friends"). The third of these tabs is "Followers". Click on that tab.
4. You should now be seeeing your followers page, with all followers shown in little visiting card style windows displaying their blog name and profile picture (and the date of their last activity). In the upper right-hand corner of those "visiting card"-style mini-profiles, you can also see the BookLikes "reblog" symbol (two arrows forming a rectangle with rounded corners).
5. If you mouse over that symbol, ANOTHER symbol will appear right next to it -- the slashed-through circle meaning "prohibited" or "block(ed)" that I mentioned earlier.
6. Click on the "prohibited" / "block" symbol. A pop-up window will appear, asking, "Are you sure?" Confirm (click "yes"). Eh voilĂ ! If you now refresh your followers page, the removed spammer should no longer be there.
(7. Optional: To make double sure, click on the second tab from right in the tabs menu at the top of the "wooden background" part of the friends / followers page: "blocked". The person whom you have just removed should show up in the list of the blocked people -- even though not necessarily at the very top; where on that page they are depends on when they were last active on Booklikes.)

Hope this helps!