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Portable Magic 3 years ago
Good review. I'd have found the coercion element disturbing, too.

Also, "asexual people are part of the 'queer' (the Q in LGBTQ, you know?) community, too." No, I did not know that, and thanks for that. It's always a pleasant surprise when I learn new things while reading book reviews.
StitchersGirl 3 years ago
I guess, it always depends on the acronym one uses. In LGBTQA asexuals have "their own" letter. Same goes for QUILTBAG. But in the broad sense of the reclaimed word "queer", yes, asexual people have a place at the table. They're just broadly ignored or forgotten, I think. I'm glad you found it interesting! :)
Portable Magic 3 years ago
Well, I was never entirely sure what the Q was for. I guess I assumed it was for people who aren't categorizable. But I just googled QUILTBAG and realized how very uninformed I am. :)