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Bookloving writer 4 years ago
That combination has never occurred to me, until now, but it sounds interesting. If done well, it could be fun, though I doubt if it will be a major part of the future of literature.
Bookworm Blurbs 4 years ago
I agree - it has a lot of potential! I don't know that it will be a major part, either. At any rate, if future books of this type are of this quality, they certainly won't. But think of the potential if, say, J.K. Rowling had written the Harry Potter series in this format and had collaborated with some really fantastic video game designers (not familiar with those so I can't really drop names, haha) -- it's hard to imagine Harry Potter at a higher level than it's at now, but I can't help wondering if integrating video games with the text would have made the series have an even greater impact. I'm not talking about video games based on the books, because I know that they did make spin-off games to go with them, but rather games that were an integral part of reading the books - would that have been successful? On the one hand, it may have led even more reluctant readers to the series... but it probably would have excluded readers such as myself, who aren't so into gaming, or it could have turned serious gamers who dislike reading away from the games because they didn't want to read the corresponding books.

Hmm. Definitely something to think about! I'd love to see this concept worked out with a better author and a better game.
Bookloving writer 4 years ago
I think that if the book and the game weren't too integrated - so that both could be enjoyed separately, but also together, it would have a greater possibility of succeeding.