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Escape from the ER 9 years ago
I struggle with this all the time. Like you, a 5 star rating from me has the same frequency as a lunar eclipse. What I find difficult is the different meaning given to stars on different sites. An "ok read" may be 2 stars on one, 3 stars on another but when it comes to me "feeling" the book, 3 stars seems to high. I usually wimp out & scribble in 2.5.
Bookworm Blurbs 9 years ago
Yeah, it can be really hard coming up with something! And I feel like even with my rating system I can be very arbitrary. Sometimes I'll look through my shelves and there will be books that I gave, say, a 3 rating, and another I gave a 2 rating, which made sense when I read them - but when I look at the books in comparison to one another, I would probably rank them differently. It can definitely be challenging!