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RedT Reads Randomly 9 years ago
I would choose Wilderness of Ruin because it's the one I'm most curious about.
Have fun staying home with The Boy. Sounds delightful.
Bookworm Blurbs 9 years ago
Thank you! I have a great time hanging out with O, she's awesome :)
RedT Reads Randomly 9 years ago
I'm an idiot! O is a girl. I'm so sorry!
Bookworm Blurbs 9 years ago
Haha it's ok!! She hasn't been around for very long yet, easy to get mixed up - especially when I refer to her by her initial instead of her name! :)
I am obviously highly biased and would totally say I, Robot but I haven't read that one yet either. Sooo if it is that one, let me know how it is, haha. And I've actually heard reaaaaaally terrible things about Go Set a Watchmen. So I'm thinking about not even reading that one? So let me know how that one is??? .... Basically I miss all of our book chats and I'm glad you're back and we should start chatting about books again!!! (And O!)

And so I totally vote for Wilderness of Ruin. Which you should also tell me how it is. *facepalm* Speaking of which, I have only read half of one of my Book of the Month books (oops, it was a good half though!). And I'm still getting them for free?? It said I still have another month so that's five books? Are you still getting them?
Bookworm Blurbs 9 years ago
I definitely will let you know how I, Robot is once I read it! I have also not heard great things about GSaW, but I want to read it anyway just out of curiosity. Not expecting it to be too amazing, since it IS essentially a first draft, but I think it should be interesting to compare to TKaM!

We should definitely start chatting about books again! I've missed you, too
Bookworm Blurbs 9 years ago
Part of my comment got cut off - yes, I'm still getting the books for free! I thought that was supposed to end for me in either June or July but apparently not? I'm confused but free books are fun so whatever! haha
Yuuuuuup. That's pretty much exactly what I heard about Watchman too. And that you can really, really tell that it's just a grab for money? I'll have to see if I can find the one review that really stuck out (I think it was in Entertainment Weekly?) but basically it was really, really sad. And made me not want to read it. But I definitely want to hear what you think!! I still might read it. But I've heard that if you love To Kill a Mockingbird and want to still love TKaM, don't ever read Watchman =//

Whaaaaaat?? That is so crazy!!! So which ones did you get for the last few months?? I am getting Freedom's Child this month. I got the one it picked for me last month since I was still on vacation and couldn't get on to change it. (Which is not at all the one I wanted but oh well.) And then the month before that I got Eight Hundred Grapes. Which is the one I'm about 100 pages into and really liking. But yay for months and months of free books!! Now if I actually had time to read them, haha.
Bookworm Blurbs 9 years ago
Yeah, I was definitely on the fence about buying it because of the rumors that Harper Lee didn't give her consent... but ultimately I'm curious so I bought it. Part of me definitely feels guilty but I'm just so interested in it that I couldn't resist. I really do hope it doesn't make me hate TKaM though!

I know!! Umm the first one was See How Small, which I didn't actually really like that much, then this one, then I think there was one that I actually haven't opened yet because I was busy haha but that might have been The Whites, and I forget what this month's is. I've just gone with their picks for all of them, they've been pretty spot on with what I would've chosen myself for the most part. I don't know that I'm going to continue with it once I have to start paying though. None of them have really been books that I would've chosen from Amazon or a bookstore where there's more variety to choose from, which is disappointing to me.
Yup. That's the one I heard too. And a whole slew of others about how her estate just wanted the money and things like that?? Because Harper Lee refused for yeaaaaars to either write or publish anything else. So there's something fishy about this whole thing?? But I am definitely curious as well. Soooo totally going to wait to see what you see about it before I give it a try, haha.

I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU MEAN. All the choices have been things that I would maybe check out at the library but not something I would actually buy?? I think my first month had the most choices that I liked but they've all gone downhill from there?? And there's only been, like, one choice each month that I vaguely liked? So I definitely agree. I don't think I'm going to continue after my trial ends. I think I should have one more month or something but I'm really not sure. It already seems to be going longer than I thought it would, ha. But I definitely want to hear about all the ones you ended up getting as you read them. And hopefully I'll actually be able to read mine here soon. I do want to finish Eight Hundred Grapes because I have been liking it so far. I just ended up being busy and stopped reading there for a hot minute. Oops.