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BrokenTune 9 years ago
Great review. Personally, I love this book but I do know quite a few people who aren't into it as much. I had not read Mrs D when I first read The Hours and am not sure that knowing Mrs D will give you more insight into this one. The characters and relationships are all different in Mrs D. If you get a chance, I highly recommend the film of The Hours. Even if you disliked the book, the performances are stellar.
Bookworm Blurbs 9 years ago
Thank you! It was definitely well-written and I'm glad I read it; there were just so many passages where I felt clueless since I had no idea what Mrs. Dalloway was about. That's interesting that you didn't find it to be insightful when reading The Hours - maybe this one was just over my head! Haha. I will have to look for the film at the library, I did look it up on IMDB and it's got a pretty great looking cast!
I never read back covers either! So like 90% of the time I have no idea what the book I'm reading is even about?? But seriously. Why do they put so many spoilers right on the back of the book?! It's like they don't even want us to read it O.O
Bookworm Blurbs 9 years ago
I know! But for this one I really should have read the back a bit more thoroughly. Oh well. Like you said most of the time they're way too spoilery!