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Context please?
I did choose Major Tom, mainly because I don't know the other one...
Context? Well, it helps if you know them both, but both songs are about astronauts. I caught "Rocket Man" on the radio a few days ago and it made me think of "Space Oddity" and then I thought, these two songs have a lot in common, I wonder which one people prefer. That what you mean? (Oh, and thanks, by the way: I finally got around to implementing your pollcode suggestion. : -)
ok, context was which we preferred. I figured, but thought maybe you were choosing the song you wanted played at your funeral or something. Just checking.
*goes off to listen to rocketman on youtube*
I keep forgetting about the polls, so I'm glad I keep seeing others use it. Hopefully it will remind me and I'll use it for something interesting...
Should I be feeling the back of your hand....?
what? Oh no! sorry, this was NOT a backhanded compliment :-) I'm just thinking that I have used the poll for just manga in the past and would rather use it again for something different.
Man, sometimes that old footnmouth disease just pops out, doesn't it?
Damn you for making me choose between them!
I'm just happy to know somebody else likes both! : -)
and definitely prefer Major Tom after listening to Elton whine. Goodness, I can't stand that guy...
Not even "Crocodile Rock"? For shame!
KindleRomance 4 years ago
Definitely Space Oddity. I like both, but I think Oddity is more unique. Also, FYI, when I voted on the poll, I got a warning from my anti-virus that there was malicious code on the website.
Hmm. Well, according to ScamAdvisor, it's been around for 8 years, has a high page rank and a high trust rating, so I'm guessing it's okay.
depending on which A/V Kindle has, it might very well have been some of the ads. Ads are provided by 3rd party's these days and hackers find it easier to hack an ad source and hence affect multiple sites instead of just straight up hacking one site at a time.

Or it could be a false read. MaCaffee [however it is spelled] gives a lot of those.
oh yeah, adblock+ and ghostery are you friends for being online...
KindleRomance 4 years ago
I use Avast, and I'm sure it was one of the ads. It let me see the page which it won't do if the page itself has an issue.
KindleRomance 4 years ago
Good idea! I just added them to Chrome. Thanks!
Looks like Bowie in a landslide. To be honest, I was intending to vote for Bowie, too, but I made the mistake of testing the thing first and randomly hit "Rocket Man." But I guess I'll stick to it. I actually prefer the music of "Rocket Man," but the lyrics of "Space Oddity." Although Elton's chorus is damn catchy.
soooo, do those of us who voted for the winner get a kick back? Say a cash prize or a new car?
It's all yours: 37.8928° N, 85.9747° W
KindleRomance 4 years ago
LOL! Cute:-)
well heck, with my security clearance, that shouldn't be a problem at all. I'll just tell them Brian sent me :-)
Face it, Space Oddity was sung in space. Rocketman can't compete with that.
*Covered* in space. Nuff said. : -)
True, but still somebody sang it in space. I'm sure Bowie watched it and sang along.
In that case, definitely a win for Bowie.