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Sadly, the Left Behind movies were pretty faithful adaptations of the books. The books were just filler though, whether you agreed with their Eschatological thoughts or not.

And losing your Star Wars book. Was that the paperback with the gold cover and it still had the subtitle of "from the adventures of Luke Skywalker"? I just bought a hardcover omnibus from the sfbc back in the early '00s of the original trilogy. Just to be a completist :-D
Yep, that's the one. Unless I can find my (old) copy, I can't be sure if the edition (or maybe just the printing) is exactly the same as my (new) copy. This one has the yellow diagonal stripe in the lower right and I don't think mine did, though I could easily be wrong about that. In any case, it was a minor miracle finding it just when I needed it -- in very good condition and for only 3 bucks.

As for Left Behind, I understand a Christian company produced films from the books, but I was referring to the new, big budget movie, starring Nicolas Cage. Good to know about the others, though.
holy crap, I didn't even realize they made a new version. Kirk Cameron's company did the first 2 books to movie adaptations and they weren't good at all. But this one sounds even worse [at least according to the reviews I just read].
It's bad, all right. I think the reviewers hated all the performances, too, but I think everyone was hampered by the script, which, as I indicated, isn't within nuclear shockwave distance of anything good.

And for a Biblical movie, it has virtually nothing to say about religion. Recently saw Noah, too, and I can only conclude that the truly Biblical epic is evidently dead. Noah at least was a good magical action movie.
and yet here I am, NOT cutting anyones head off

Ah, but America has much more subtle ways of beheading civilization. : -)
yep, take your pick of poisons. Physical or Societal.
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Yay, about The Yellow Wallpaper. :)
I know, right? I don't know what I expected, but I know it surprised me.