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Yep, I give you maybe 3 weeks, 4 tops :-D

I'll definitely be following you on wordpress, but I can't say how much more interaction than a "like" I'll be doing. I've tried to follow several people on wordpress and it just doesn't work for me as a social site. It'll help that you're doing movie reviews and not just books, which I can get here and at Leafmarks.

And sorry the way this turned out. I certainly didn't mean for this outcome to happen at all!
So, so little regard for my self-discipline. : -)

But very happy to connect on WP. It's definitely an adjustment over there, though I'm starting to get used to it.

And don't worry about the way it's turned out. My frustration with BL has been building for quite awhile. It was time to get frustrated by a new site!
oh, you might want to edit your link, it sends us to a funny place...
Thank you! Link fixed.
Haven't seen you on wordpress for a while. You still doing stuff online?