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See, I'm following you. We can get into it, and we will I'm sure, on your blog :-D
You don't see that there's a difference here? You're commenting on a post that links to book and movie reviews. I was commenting on a post that *opened the door to a political discussion*. What you said to me was saying to everyone: if you don't agree with me, don't comment. That's not a discussion. And it's very disappointing.
Sure there is a difference. My commenting here is incidental, more of a goad to you to write your own thing.

And your assessment is spot on. My statement was not an invitation to discussion. It was a statement not open for discussion. Any more will wait for your post. Which I'm sure will be a gentle invitation to a discussion. Ha :-)

And I'm ok with disappointing you. You seem tough enough to handle it.

Gee, you didn't exactly make that part about it not being open for discussion clear, did you? In fact -- get this -- you even *asked me to clarify my remarks*! No, sorry (and I am genuinely sorry), but while I can handle disappointment just fine, I do not choose to handle this sort of capriciousness. I don't want to have to wonder, Can I say this, can I say that? Do I have to respond to everything by writing my own post? Nah, you know me. I want to be able to speak my mind. If I can't do that on your page, it just isn't worth it.
I thought that using the word 'Statement', putting it all in the spoiler tag and ending with the phrase 'that is all you are getting from me' WAS making it clear I didn't want a discussion.
Spoiler means read at your own risk. I've never heard of it indicating that, having read it, you aren't allowed to talk about it. Is that just me? I don't think so. And, of course, beyond that you're forgetting that you *invited* me to elaborate; you even said "please." Hell, I would have let it go after the first comment except for that. Who you voted for is who you voted for, but telling someone to go peddle their papers somewhere else after having just asked them to say something is simply rude. And insulting. I was disappointed because I would have guessed you would know that. Anyway, that's how I feel about it. You're certainly entitled to your own opinion.
My intent was NOT to insult you and I am sorry that I did.
However, my aims were to avoid just this kind of thing from happening. Which I would have thought you would know.