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Line Bookaholic 2 years ago
It's an amazing book! I don't know if I should continue on the series.. I don't own them and as you said the story could end like this. But the ending made me curious :)
Book Cupidity 2 years ago
I read some reviews for the later books to satisfy my curiousity. :)
I know I read this in highschool. I've never had any desire to read any of the sequels though.
Book Cupidity 2 years ago
I wasn't moved to either - I didn't feel like it needed anything further, but I'd read them if my kids wanted to in the future.
Reviews in Chalk 2 years ago
I still have to get to it...
Book Cupidity 2 years ago
Someday... :)
I might have to read this now.
Book Cupidity 2 years ago
Quick, easy breezy. A good slump breaker, I'd think, when you just need something different.
Rane Aria 2 years ago
This book haunted me for years when I read it in HS and forgot the name- thankfully I found it again through GR and one of the few books that stand the test of time.
Book Cupidity 2 years ago
Yeah, It seems to be a cornerstone book for the sub genre.