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I believe I know more about the British suffrage movement (Alice Paul was, I think, truly the American suffragette - she would have fit in perfectly with those very radical ladies of the WSPU) but the Americans are also an interesting lot.

"Hail Sister Suffragettes" is also the first place I remember hearing the term, or seeing the slogan "Votes for Women" (I think I was 7). A catchy number, isn't it? The song going through my head when reading your excellent review, however, was the anthem of the WSPU (I'm an odd duck), - . (That includes some nice pictures of Alice Paul's women at the White House.)
Person Of Interest 1 year ago
Please don't apologize for not emphasizing the book takes a look at these women's personal lives, as well as their contributions to women's rights. I thought it was an excellent review. :)