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Murder by Death 1 year ago
Yikes. I vaguely remember this book (I was too old for it when it was published, so it must have belonged to a niece) and thinking at the time that it was about as subtle as a sledgehammer and not at all entertaining. Knowing what I know now about Suess' previous career creating editorial cartoons during WWII, the book makes more sense to me than it did back then.

It is disturbingly relevant though.

As one who has ZERO experience in such matters beyond my own blissfully naive childhood, I say preserve it as long as you can! I think the happier the childhood, the easier it becomes as an adult to know what to aim for. :) ymmv of course.
Book Cupidity 1 year ago
Yes, his political cartooning showed up all over his work - most are issue books, Grinch, Lorax, Horton, etc...but those at least had a chance. How better to combat materialistic Christmas expectations than by being schooled by the adorable Cindy Lou Who? We're even charmed by that grumpy Lorax into listening to what he had to say. He didn't try with this book to make anything cute - and either it was because he found the subject matter too serious, or he figured we're all such dummies that he needed to spell it out. Either way, it's a worthy conversation, but for my house it didn't work super well as a children's book, or at least, not as well as his others. I'm trying my hardest not to disparage it, you know?

I think I'm going to off-hand do a run on my eight year old and see what he thinks...
Murder by Death 1 year ago
I know - Seuss is a hero of mine and a beloved icon. I get and admire what he was trying to accomplish, but yeah, it was less successful here (I can imagine the Reagan era Cold War might have terrified him). The Grinch was brilliant. So was the Lorax, but it devastated me when I saw it and could never watch it again, or read the book. Bambi level devastation. I hated people as much as a child can after The Lorax. It might also have had something to do with my compulsive need to plant trees even when I don't have any room for them. :P