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At least you only want to punch Christy in the face. I want to see Rankin McDouchebag eaten - in a slow, horrific process, and I want the author to spare no details.

I... actually have no problem with this. I don't think it's unhealthy; there are some characters whom you simply hate. It's more of a catharsis for me. "Oh, I'll imagine Fantasy Asshole eaten gruesomely, and look, the urge to punch Real Asshole is lessened, sigh of relief.' IE the way I explain the popularity of revenge fantasies - and by that I mean characters such as the Punisher where his only real purpose is to maim, shoot, and kill assholes.
Book Cupidity 1 year ago
I would agree with you in general, there are characters that are even written so brilliantly that you enjoy hating them - Christy, for me, was not that type. She was drawn as sympathetic and never really gets hers on the page. For me, it was her character that you can't really hate because she's not inherently bad that's a problem - she kept me from wanting to read a book. Impotent righteous frustration can be unhealthy, I think. LOL
Ah, yes, if thats the case. The problem is without reading the book, from this review, it read more of a Rankin case: he's just a self-important asshole who you want to get eaten and you feel justified in it because there's little if anything redeeming in his character.

It might be impotent - but I have four and a half books left, and I"m still holding out hopes that something awful happens to him. In fact, the more he comes back, the more I suspect something truly horrendous will happen to him in the end!

Some characters are awful and get away with it, or like you say are annoying or undercut another character without being evil: they're unaware, they're brought in for ex-drama without it being fully thought out perhaps? I've come to think of that kind of frustration as 'practice for real life.' I'll meet those people and just let it go easier after reading books like the one you've just read.

Also, my comics obsession may stem partly from this: the bad guy is usually fairly obviously eeeevil and gets what's coming to him in the end. Infamous Iron Man is making that hard, though...
Murder by Death 1 year ago
Yeah, I thought this one veered a bit towards the soap opera/angsty end of the spectrum, but they get a lot better from here (or at least the next two do).

As much as I like Mercy, I have to admit for a preference for Anna (and Charles). I think you nailed why with the comment about the stillness.
Book Cupidity 1 year ago
I do enjoy Alpha & Omega more too. I have friends that find them a littlest boring and I find them juuuuist right. :)

I'm glad to know they get better and less angsty. Phew.
Debbie's Spurts 1 year ago
I actually wanted to punch out Adam for allowing the disrespect to Mercy (not just disrespect from ex-wive).

IMHO, Briggs did not hold true to her own worldbuilding logic by having pack members influenced by the ex -- sure, many had issues with Mercy but shouldn't have made them somehow accept the ex that abandoned pack and child . I thought that was deliberately done just to add ex wife drama.
Book Cupidity 1 year ago
I agree! I think it was that Christy is the lowest of the pack and essentially powerless - the protective drive is strong with them...Adam did need a stern talking to minimally. She was his responsibility,m as he said, that includes telling her to knock it off. My kids are powerless in our pack and I have no problem telling them to get back in line - the fact that he allowed her to return to cooking, for example, was pretty awful.
Obsidian Blue 1 year ago
Everyone loathed this one. Me too.
Book Cupidity 1 year ago
Always nice to be in good company.