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Lornographic Material 12 months ago
This is my daughter's favorite series.
Book Cupidity 12 months ago
I get it - I thought it was really good. My son is very excited to get his hands on "Sisters" which I'll probably read too. Sometimes I just feel the need to read the first books know, make sure I know what they're reading (I don't need to read another Wimpy Kid book...), but sometimes they are a pleasure.
Lornographic Material 12 months ago
We do that, too. Read the books first. Raina has a third book, but it's not part of a series. Autumn loves them all.
Murder by Death 12 months ago
I LOVE when you let it all hang out! Great review and I don't have to humor you - I think dentistry is the last bastion of institutionalised medieval torture. I hate/loathe/despise going to the dentist.

There's something to be said about books that center around the anxiety we all feel from time to time, but really?, my favourites are the ones like this one, where the character (the mom) is calm and rational and handles everything with a healthy dose of perspective. These characters are my role models. I need role models. :)
Book Cupidity 12 months ago
LOL. I actually had this very astute and motherly review written for this book but I sat on it while I made dinner and while I was sittin at the table begging my kids to eat, I decided to trash it and just let my wacky flag fly. I really do have some kind of mental block about this subject - I am probably repressing something and it manifests itself here. David has basically had to take over dentist duties for the kids.

That said, why has all other fields of medicine advanced so greatly, but we still have to yank teeth out? Other than cosmetic dentistry, we've seemingly not come that far otherwise, LOL. When are they going to invent tooth regeneration serum?
I spent my adolescence in the dentist's chair. I had an inch overbite. I had a tooth that had to be pulled down from the roof of my mouth. I had two rows of teeth in the front of my lower jaw.

I don't have the stereotypical perfect American smile, but I'll take what I have now. I can close my mouth completely, for one thing. (My mother used to nag me endlessly about that, until I demonstrated that I was physically incapable of doing it.)
Book Cupidity 12 months ago
In my opinion, the stereotypical perfect smile is a bit of overkill. I am not into the trend of perfect, ultra white, all the teeth even and rigidly level, overly expensive veneers. I like a smile with character and uniquely of that person.
JL's Bibliomania 12 months ago
Glad that your eldest man found something that appeals. The proliferation of serious graphic literature is wonderful for all, but for younger readers especially. If he liked smile, I recommend you also see if El Deafo would appeal to him. It's another graphic novel autobiography and was a Newbury Honor Book (i.e. runner up for the Newbury Award) in 2015
Book Cupidity 12 months ago
Great rec! Thank you, I appreciate it. This format seemed to be something he really enjoyed too.