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Murder by Death 12 months ago

Y'all are killing me. Normally I'd go home today and make these right now, but I have the busiest 4 days ahead of me and I have no time... Sunday. I'm making these on Sunday.

Gah... they look Sooooo good.
Book Cupidity 12 months ago
I have to stop. I got a new oven and I have basically baked every other day for a couple of weeks. I'm pretty sure I have put on ten pounds, LOL. I can't wait to see how they turn out for you on Sunday!!
Murder by Death 12 months ago
::happy dance:: ::happy dance:: My lunch meeting got cancelled and my local bookshop has Art of Pie in stock - my stars are aligned and they are all pointed at POP TARTS!!
Familiar Diversions 12 months ago
I don't normally like pop tarts because they tend to be too sweet for me, plus the texture is weird, but this actually sounds kind of good.
Book Cupidity 12 months ago
They are definitely sweet - but in the real butter and sugar kind of way.
WhiskeyintheJar Romance 12 months ago
Awesome! I'm so happy they turned out for you and you liked the taste. I think I should have made mine thicker, too. When I get up the gumption to try crust again, I'm going to find Art of the Pie and steal that recipe.
Char's Horror Corner 12 months ago
Those look delicious!