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The author is SO not happy with me but goodness, why is it my fault her book is not good?
Excellent review and I'm sorry the author is being so unprofessional! This book sounds like a train wreck... I really don't like name dropping and when it concerns music it is even more of a problem for me when it is done wrong (especially when a band is used to stereotype the character and the author doesn't take the time to build the character outside those stereotypes. So much lazy!).

Thank you for taking one for the team. I dread the day I write a review and the author goes batshit insane if it isn't a perfect 5 star rave. :(
She is totally attacking me on twitter AND she is going and attacking everyone who is retweeting me! HOW is it my fault! She is also claiming I did not read the book because i had not posted on Amazon yet. MY GOD I needed to sleep! Thank you hon! THANK YOU!