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Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 8 years ago
Did not expect photo of delicious looking pizza under the "click for more!" Yum! (I usually don't like figs but the combo of food on that - I'd definitely try some.)
Interesting--I didn't know about the "click for more"--oh, right, how the longer posts show up in the feed.
It sounds kind of odd--pizza with figs--but it works.
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 8 years ago
I should note that thanks to you I will definitely be having pizza for dinner! No figs - but definitely fresh mozzarella!
Krycek 8 years ago
Dare I say it? PandemoniYUM? (cue cymbal crash)
I enjoyed the book and would be willing to reread it with that pizza.
Sold, Allusion! Book & pizza party!
I just glanced at an article on BBC about literature-themed dinner parties. Could be fun to work out the right pizza (or other food) symbolism for each book.