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Liz Loves Books.Com. 8 years ago
I loved this one! He's got a full length "prequel" coming out to this story which I can't wait for :)
Agree, Liz. I've heard he's doing a "Harrison Squared" sort of tale, which sounds... iffy to me, but I'm sure will be great fun.
I've been impressed by everything I've encountered from Gregory. I don't know why I don't get around to reading the rest of his books...
Probably because there aren't that many yet--looks like he started with short stories. I just picked up Unpossessed, a collection of magazine-published shorts.
bookaneer 8 years ago
Yay! Glad you enjoyed it!
I can't decide whether I love this or Pandemonium more. Ive also read Devil's Alphabet, which I found rather less captivating, possibly because the protag is an addict with no sense of humor..
I also own Afterparty, which I'm saving until I need it, but it does happen to be kindle-lendable if you want a lower-risk try of it. His books are so expensive, grr.
And I'm stalking Netgalley for Harrison Squared...
Looking forward to your review of the short stories!
He's such an interesting author--I can see why you like him. There's a style similarity with California Bones. A lovely language fluency, but clear, relatively streamlined plotting that still manages to surprise, and characters that usually go beyond tropes. I'm a fan. Let me know if you see Harrison Squared in NetGalley--I don't check in there as often as I could since I really am trying to pick excellent reads (I rely on you and others like Liz to screen them first :)